A present from Parcel Motel for their birthday celebration!

In my post about the British Beauty Blog Edit Box I mentioned  Parcel Motel as a means to get something that was only being delivered within the UK. Well, the good folks at Parcel Motel have just celebrated their first birthday and I was lucky enough to get a wee parcel off them to celebrate! I thought it would be a good time to do a post on a bit more about using  Parcel Motel.

Basically in this instance I woke up on Saturday morning to an email and a text to say that there was a parcel waiting for me in my local Parcel Motel and giving me my code to collect it. Now, I don’t know about you but there is very little that I hate more than coming home from work to one of those “We called to deliver your parcel but you were out” slips – especially on a bank holiday weekend. Parcel Motels are always located where they are accessible 24/7 so that eliminates this which is a real positive for them in my books.

Parcel Motel depot

When you get to the screen all you need are 1) your phone number and 2) the code that was sent to you. Key these in when prompted – keep an eye on the touchscreen though as I did find it a bit tough to get the numbers to be recognised!

Parcel Motel first birthday parcel depot collection

There is a slight element of surprise involved in the collection as you have no idea which of the doors contains your parcel and one of them will pop open when you’ve inputted all the information needed. There are different sized compartments depending on the size of the parcel that has been left off. All you need to do is take out your parcel and off you go!

Parcel Motel first birthday present delivery towel slippers chocolates

My very thoughtful present from the team at Parcel Motel was a play on the ‘motel’ element and included slippers, a towel and some chocolates! All gratefully appreciated!

Personally I think Parcel Motel is a great service and I’m really glad I have signed up to it. I’ve heard great stories of people wishing to order from the UK and being quoted up to £40 for shipping only for it to end up free (and just costing the Parcel Motel fee of €3.50) by using the Parcel Motel UK address. Just remember if you are ordering that there is a maximum size they can facilitate but even if it goes above that the fees are still quite reasonable in my opinion. Why not check them out here?

Have you used Parcel Motel? I’d love to hear what savings you have made or what you have received that you couldn’t get otherwise by using this service!

*I received a gift from Parcel Motel but was not asked to blog about it – I just did as I think it is a great service! As ever, all views are my own!

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2 Responses to A present from Parcel Motel for their birthday celebration!

  1. You must have sent this out telepathically because we’ve all been signing up tonight 😀 Such a cute gift to get. Thanks for the info x

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