My Party Feet Recommendations: Sole Sister Flats and Scholl Party Feet

I was at a family wedding last week and when I was enroute I got a very cryptic text from my mum wondering if I had left their house yet… When I arrived I was greeted by an aunt who was wondering if I had brought flat shoes for my mum – apparently that’s what the cryptic text was about. She was the only one that hadn’t brought flats and as the dancing was starting and it had been a long day she was starting to feel uncomfortable in her heels. It happens to us all!

I’ve taken to frequently going out in flats but it isn’t always appropriate and it is so nice to wear nice heels – at least for the start of the night. Many years ago I managed to pick up a pair of ‘roll-up’ shoes and they have been invaluable to me. They were what my mother ended up with last weekend (and still hasn’t returned to me!). They came with a small bag that you could pack away the offending high heels into and off you went into the night/back onto the dance floor/up to the bar/delete as appropriate. 😉 I’ve seen other ones on occasion but the soles have been so thin that I wouldn’t trust them against shards of glass. I faithfully promised Mammy Friday that I would keep an eye out for another pair so she could have some of her own.

It seemed like the Gods were on my side when at a PR event on Wednesday one of the lovely girls asked if I did fashion posts and went on to show me foldup shoes that came in a gorgeous little pouch that folded out to become a tote bag. Introducing Sole Sister Flats.

These gorgeous flat shoes come in a range of four colours: Pink Lady, Black Beauty, Sexy ‘n’ Silver and Glamorous ‘n’ Gold. The black and silver would be the ones I would get most use out of but at only €12 a pair I have to be honest and say that it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I would end up with all four! You can buy them from the website or they are becoming available in a wide range of outlets; from pharmacies to niteclub bathrooms!

The company also do Guest packs for weddings or other events where the hosts may want to supply these as a treat for female guests. The shoes are closed in so a much better option than flip-flops from a safety point of view if you are as clumsy as I am. I also think that at the price these would be great to customise for special events with beads and bling to match your accessories!

scholl party feet

Another hint (given that it’s a bank holiday weekend with an extra night for socialising!) to deal with sore feet is Party Feet from Scholl! I love these and my hint is to stick them in the freezer for a while before you go out so that when you do put them into your shoes they are extra cooling. They come in a whole range now to fit every sort of shoe so you shouldn’t have a bother finding the perfect ones. Unfortunately I didn’t have any of these to hand last weekend so Mammy Friday is going to have to get her own!

What are your hints for avoiding sore feet on a night out? Would you wear fold up shoes? Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you get up to!

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10 Responses to My Party Feet Recommendations: Sole Sister Flats and Scholl Party Feet

  1. I’m always so bad at wearing heels, but always really want to! These sound fabulous! What a great price too:)

    • I tend to last about 15-20 minutes in heels – provided I don’t have to walk anywhere! My pair like these have been a godsend so I am very tempted to order some of the other colours.

  2. Scarie says:

    I want these! In
    Rubbish in heels! My tip is the velvet party feet are better with tights!

  3. Zee says:

    Party Feet have saved me on many an occasion! Your blog is really lovely :))

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  5. The flats are so pretty i have to get myself a pair, since i had our little one i haven’t been able to wear heels for long and usually end up bringing a chunky pair of flats which means i have to bring my handbag instead of clutch Agh! So definitely these would be a goer 🙂

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