Guest Post: Beauty Bootcamp

I think I have had a ‘first’ on my blog almost every month lately so here is another – my first guest post! When the very lovely Karie (@scarie on twitter) mentioned that she was going to do a Beauty Bootcamp I almost wet myself with excitement and curiosity. I very cheekily asked her if she would consider doing a blog post about it for me – and almost fell off my chair when she agreed! So here it is… Thanks a million Karie!

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This blog post should have been done months ago. Thanks to the lovely Girl Friday for inviting me to guest post.

So I turned 30 last August (sobs). The past year has seen many 30th birthdays and each with a different way of celebrating. However, in April I had a very special triple 30th birthday celebration. My college friends, all female (all female college course), are scattered round the country and we aren’t as good at meeting up these days. Some of the girls arranged that we would go to Beauty Bootcamp, dinner and a night in a hotel in Dublin. It was the perfect catch up, celebration and party all rolled into one.

So as Beauty Bootcamp says –
“Whether you want to polish up your professional look, or WOW the crowds at weekends, Ireland’s first Beauty Bootcamp is the ultimate platform for learning how to style your hair like a red-carpet-regular and apply your make-up like an expert.
Set up in 2007 by IMAGE magazine’s Beauty Editor, Liz Dwyer, Beauty Bootcamp is a exclusive one-day interactive course that teaches you essential hair and make-up skills. Taught by a team of leading international hair and make-up artists, our hands-on, simple approach, reveals all the insider tricks-of-the-trade and the professional techniques used backstage to transform models and actresses from plain to phenomenal.”

The day is split up into morning and afternoon section. We completed hair section first. Our group numbered 7 and there 2 other girls in the room with us. We were seated in front of large mirrors with great lighting and a wide array of hair tools spread in front of us

All the hair tools laid out before we were let loose on them!

We practiced blow drying, upstyling, GHD curls, sleep in rollers and more. Our instructor was excellent. Her top 3 tips –
1. Patience
2. Have the right products and tools
3. Practice

Ok so here’s my confession- I think I have dyspraxic tendencies. The movements needed for the sleep in rollers just didn’t work for me, my hair was destroyed and there may have been tears. The instructor wasn’t fazed at all and gave me loads of encouragement. I even managed to do GHD curls at the end of it! The main thing I took away from the hair lesson was the importance of sectioning and I can now use my Babyliss Big Hair properly, it was languishing in a drawer prior to Beauty Bootcamp. One of the girls brought Brownies for our morning break and everyone devoured them. Our lunch break was a bit frantic, running up Baggot St trying to find somewhere open and not full, and then it was back to bootcamp for the makeup section.

Finished hair look

Now I love makeup, I have a makeup artist qualification, and I read hundreds of beauty blogs. I thought I would learn nothing at Beauty Bootcamp- I was wrong! The amazing Leonard Daly ( was our teacher for the afternoon and his stunning assistant helped.

Leonard began with skincare recommendations and my shopping list began to grow. I got a little thrill every time I recognised and/or had some of the products he recommended. Did you know that the most popular shades of foundation sold in Ireland were designed for Hispanic skin tones? Yep that’s why so many people are walking around with the wrong foundation shade. He discussed shades and formulas and there was a wide selection of foundations to trial until we found the right shade. Turns out I was wearing the right shade all along- yay! Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 010, yes I’m pale and proud! Leonard talked us through makeup application techniques and made us try it before checking our handiwork. He wasn’t a fan of foundation brushes and putting on foundation with my fingers felt icky and wrong to me, I didn’t bring this tip home but the girls who did swear by it!

My favourite part of the evening was where we had to pick a lipstick in a shade we wouldn’t normally go for and try it. I cheated and went for a slightly different red than normal. I loved my Shiseido RD415 lipstick and it’s definitely on my wish list.

Champagne was sipped and eyeliner applied and Leonard regaled us with tips and stories. The one thing I couldn’t master was contouring with Tom Ford Contour and Highlight, it always looked muddy and over blended. But overall I picked up so many gems of makeup knowledge. Here’s the finished look.

Finished look!

Overall the day was brilliant, fabulous friends, food, fun and foundation blended seamlessly into a day that flew by. I highlight recommended it for any hen, birthday celebration, girlie catch up or just a “me” day.

Beauty Bootcamp is located 5 minutes from Stephen Green. The cost of the day varies depending on which course you to do and how many are in your group. For more information see

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Did anyone else squee when they saw it was Leonard Daly who did the makeup? This sounds like it was a truly lovely day and definitely something I will be looking into! Anyone want to join me? 😉

Thanks again Karie!

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4 Responses to Guest Post: Beauty Bootcamp

  1. Scarie says:

    And now I notice the typos … Thanks for the opportunity x

  2. I would love love love to do this!

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