Liebster Award Pt 2!

I did the Liebster Award post back in June when I was tagged by Aoife from A Little Infinity but I have been lucky enough to be tagged again by Sarah Marie here so these are my answers to her questions

1. Skincare or Makeup?
I am trying to get better with skincare but my real passion is makeup. I just love it – swatching, trying new looks, playing around with colours and textures… I get so carried away! I can lose hours on or the Sephora website just looking at all the pretties… If I won the lotto I’d be dangerous!

2. What is your all time favorite foundation?
I have to say Esteé Lauder Doublewear in Ecru. It’s a perfect match for my skintone, covers my redness, lasts forever… It’s pretty much my Holy Grail foundation but that doesn’t stop me wanting to look at other brands! It’s still the one I go back to though and is my reliable for special occasions!

3. Do you tend to buy more drugstore makeup, or high end?
A combination of both. I have a lot of medium range (affordable high end?) but I also splurge on cheaper brands too. I love Catrice and Essence.

4. What is your favorite nail polish brand?
I use CND Shellac mainly. I hate chipped nail polish and my nails chip really easily. Currently my nails are bare though as I need to paint them for a wedding later! In my collection I have lots of Nails Inc and China Glaze… And Rimmel! Loads of Rimmel!

5. What is your favorite skincare product?
Overall probably my Lust Full of Grace serum bar but I’ve recently been introduced to Merumaya’s cleansing balm and I love it too! If we’re looking at all types of products my No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing brush also has to get a mention.

6. What was the very first beauty product you fell in love with?
I honestly don’t remember… My skin is very sensitive so for a long time I could wear makeup only very rarely. It’s still not great but I can wear it a lot more now. I also know better how to deal with the sensitivity so I think that’s a big positive. I’d credit the Lush Serum bar with making that happen so it was probably my first beauty product I really loved! Other than that it would be red lipstick. I think every girl loves red lipstick but with pale skin, brown eyes and dark hair I particularly love it – for a split second when I put it on I feel like Dita Von Teese! (Then I look in the mirror 😦 )

7. MAC Paint Pots or Maybelline Color Tattoos?
I own neither! The nearest I have is my Stila Smudge pot in Kitten. I keep looking at the others but I can never choose which one I want so always end up walking away empty handed. If you can recommend a favourite that I should try that would be great!

8. Do you start with hair or makeup?
Makeup. My hair is hard to manage as it is very thick so I tend to go for very low maintenance looks and put the emphasis on my makeup instead.

9. Sephora or Ulta?
We have neither here 😦 I’ve a friend visiting from the States in the fall so I am hoping to get some Sephora goodies then!

10. What is your best beauty tip for beginners?
Practise, practise, practise. Even now when I have an evening with nothing else to do I will pull out my makeup kit and play with makeup and practice new skills or work on perfecting old ones! Also, less is more. There is nothing worse than someone wearing too much makeup, especially if it’s not well applied so looks obvious. Start with the basics and go from there.

11. Which blogger/youtuber has inspired you the most?
I can’t choose just one. I got into blogging from reading loads of American and UK blogs and watching vlogs. Now that I have gotten to know more and more Irish bloggers they inspire me every day. It’s not just about the topics: it’s the support and encouragement. They are amazing ladies! Check out those on my blogroll and if you are on twitter you definitely can’t go wrong with checking out the ladies I interact with and retweet!

Liebster Award

Now that that’s done I would like to relist the bloggers I originally tagged so that you can check them out and see if they have actually completed the post 😉

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(Please also check out those nominated alongside me as many of these are people I would have loved to have included if Aoife hadn’t gotten there first!)

If you do this tag (or have already done it) please leave me your link below as I love finding new blogs! Hope this wasn’t too boring for you all!


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