Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

I originally purchased this cleansing brush back when it was first launched and still on special offer in Boots. It has become a regular part of my skincare routine so I figured it was about time that it got a post of its own.

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin cleansing brush

I can’t remember how much the brush originally cost me but I think it was €21. I do recall that I managed to buy it with my Boots Advantage Card points though so really it was free! 😉  As I was checking the price on the website just now I see that it is currently on offer at €20 – reduced from it’s RRP of €33. Bargain!!

This brush originally caught my eye because I thought it might be a replacement for the Clarisonic we all hear so much about. I still think it is and any shortfalls are understandable given the very considerable price difference! This brush has two speed settings – high and low. I rarely use the higher setting as I have sensitive skin and I find the slower setting is just perfect. It is battery operated and is not waterproof although it is splashproof to a certain degree. 

No7 Beautiful Skin cleansing brush replacement heads Boots

Replacement heads are available from Boots at €10.50 for a pack of two. I have used my brush at least 4 times a week for the last 5 months and I am only now changing the head. I’ve just made sure to keep it well washed the same as I do with all of my makeup brushes and it always comes up almost as good as new. I haven’t had to replace the batteries at all so far. 

I have heard some people say that they don’t find this brush great on sensitive skin and I put that down to them perhaps pushing it too hard onto the skin or leaving it on the one spot for too long. I leave this on my skin for only a few seconds generally, paying attention to when my skin starts to feel sensitive. I also make sure to have plenty of product on my face too so that it acts almost as a barrier. I believe that some people apply the product to the brush but I prefer to apply the product to my face and then dampen the brush to work it in and help remove it. I usually follow up with a flannel to ensure I have all of the residue removed.

I have used this with the cleansing balm from No7 that it was originally marketed with but also with a number of other products: Liz Earle, No7 and Soap and Glory hot cloth cleansers, Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean, and many other cleansers that I have tried out. It has worked well with all of them as I think the real trick is that they work the product deeper into the skin and so get the best results. I have found that my skin is drier after using this but on the plus side it absorbs products better so I find it great to cleanse using this and then use both a serum and a moisturiser afterwards for a real treat!

I can’t really think about anything else to say about this product apart from the fact that I highly rate it and given the price it is currently at highly recommend giving it a try. If you’re anything like me you’ll have wasted €20 on a lot worse! If you have any questions please ask away and I will try to answer them in the comments!

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18 Responses to Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

  1. Thanks for putting this up, i had the Clarisonic on my June wishlist but would never fork out for one, when i was talking to one of the girls in boots about this one she said it wasn’t recommended for sensitive skin so wouldn’t be for me 😦 Now after reading your review i want to try it out! x

  2. Deefu says:

    Great review, I would love the Clarisonic but wouldn’t pay the price so I think I will check this out.

  3. I’m going to see if I can get this today

  4. Sounds excellent for the price, I can’t justify splashing out on the Clarisonic!

    • I’m a sucker for anything there is hype about but this has killed my longing for a Clarisonic as I just couldn’t justify the price when this does essentially the same thing.

  5. Good review. Like the others, I’m reluctant to part with over £100 for the Clarisonic. For the relatively low cost, this seems like a decent alternative.

  6. Claire Kane says:

    I was thinking of investing in a Calrisonic but even at €33, bargain.

    • It’s a great price regardless and the replacement heads are really good value too. I just think at €20 you’d be mad to pass it up if you are looking for a cleansing brush of this type!

  7. I actually have a clarisonic. They are great but clearly very expensive. Supposedly the difference is the Clarisonic ‘sonically cleanses’ while this is probably more of an exfoliator but for 1/10 of the price, sounds like a bargain! 🙂

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  9. I’ve been looking at these brushes loads lately and I’m trying to see which of these brushes will be the best. But the no7 one looks fantastic from your review

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