Merumaya Cleansing Balm

I had the pleasure of meeting the team from Merumaya on Thursday. It was my first real introduction to the brand despite having heard lots of positive feedback about the brand.

Lehka Mohanlal and Maleka Dattu (owner) were an absolute pleasure to deal with and their enthusiasm for the brand was obvious. They went through all the information on the brand but I’m afraid the science-y stuff goes over my head. Basically Maleka chose the best ingredients whether they were natural, organic, synthetic or whatever else on the basis that they were the best. She wanted a brand that was good for what was in it, not what wasn’t!

I got given a sample of the Iconic Youth Serum which I have started using. It feels great on my skin and I have had no reaction but with skincare you can’t tell in two days so I am reserving judgement.


I also invested in the Cleansing Balm following the event as I was so enthusiastic about it. This is amazing stuff for taking off your makeup and giving a great cleansing! I also love the cleansing cloths.

Merumaya cleansing cloths

The balm becomes an oil as soon as it hits the skin. It is easy to dispense out of the tube which is great and very hygienic! The cloths are almost like facecloths/flannels but are thinner and coarser in order to help exfoliate. I love the fact that they are initially wrapped with labels marked by day – very nostalgic for a child of the 80s! 😉

These are products I would definitely recommend but I am sure I will update ye in a few months as to how I am getting on!

*Iconic Youth Serum was a PR sample as were the three sample size items. All views are my own!

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