Inglot Colour Play Eyeliner #203

Following on from yesterdays Colour Play event I decided that I was too excited to wait and immediately wore my new Colour Play eyeliner today. I had chosen the purple (#203) as I was told it could be used as both an eyeliner and a lipliner. I ended up breaking out my Illamasqua pigments today too and I *loved* the look I came up with but forgot to take a pic – blogger fail! I basically went for a silver and turquoise look with the purple liner on the bottom lash line for an extra pop of colour!

Inglot Colour Play eyeliner 203

It pains me to say that I was horribly disappointed in this product! 😦 It may have been the warm weather but I reapplied this on my lower lashline (not waterline!) at least six times and it didn’t last at all! I’m not talking fading or smudging – I’m talking full on vanishing with barely a trace left! This was despite having applied primer and using powder to set it initially. I’m actually gutted! I actually felt so strongly that I popped into the Inglot store to ask them if I was doing everything right and they couldn’t give me any tips to make it last longer either. Like I said, it may be the warm weather but I expected better results.

I did resort to using this as a lipliner later in the day just to see how it would do and I actually quite liked it. I will possibly do another post on this product in future looking at how it lasts as a lipliner and seeing it it fares any better on my lashline in cooler weather.

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3 Responses to Inglot Colour Play Eyeliner #203

  1. Audrey O'Reilly says:

    Aw thats such a shame to hear! But then again, I cant trust the warm weather with my polishes at the moment! So hard to gauge drying time because it takes forevee:/ I’d say try again when it’s cooler!

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