Beauty Insider: Sally Beauty Pro Hair and Beauty magazine

I found this magazine in Sallys Beauty Supply Store. It’s says it’s for trade card holders only (and I do have one) but it was on the counter so I’m not sure how strict they would be. It only cost €2.75 (price may be excluding VAT as I cannot find receipt).

Salon Services Pro Hair and Beauty Magazine

A lot of the content is only really relevant to those working in the area but there are some good ‘how to’ articles in it; including one for nail art! I’m not sure if it is always such good value but this month there were FIVE freebies with it – including a China Glaze nail polish! I have to be honest, it was the freebies that persuaded me to buy it. I’ve looked at both the Olive Oil range and the Argan Secret range but hadn’t tried either so this seemed like a good opportunity. The China Glaze nail polish alone is worth more than the magazine so it was a win/win scenario.

Do you buy magazines on the basis of the freebies? Have you tried any of these products?

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4 Responses to Beauty Insider: Sally Beauty Pro Hair and Beauty magazine

  1. MillieMuppet says:

    I would definitely buy this for the freebies! haha!

  2. I ONLY buy magazines for the freebies!! I stopped buying them ages ago but I’m a sucker for a Nails Inc or Benefit freebie. That magazine is great value!

  3. karenpartington says:

    i buy the magazine for informaition on the industree and tips

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