An OPI Dupe – OPI Rainbow Connection vs Essence Circus Confetti

In this post I talked about OPI Rainbow Connection from the Muppets line. This was a limited edition polish that everyone went mad for and one of the few that I’d actually agree with them about. However, at €12.50 a bottle and given how quickly it sold out everywhere of course people were looking for dupes. Essence Circus Confetti was soon mentioned and I just had to check it out. Of course, me being me, the polish then remained in the bag I got it in until very recently when I remembered about it and finally got around to doing the comparison!

OPI Rainbow Connection Essence Circus Confetti

As you can see the two polishes are very similar. On the nail wheel above I have (left to right) one coat of OPI Rainbow Connection, one coat of Essence Circus Confetti and two coats of Circus Confetti. The glitter in Rainbow Connection on this swatch was more dense than in the first swatch of Circus Confetti but the style of the glitter is very similar and a second coat gave you the additional glitter if you wanted it.

Essence Circus Confetti:
Cost: €2.29
Amount in bottle: 0.27fl.oz. / 8ml
Availability: Not limited edition
Stockists: Penneys nationwide and various pharmacies

OPI Rainbow Connection:
Cost: approx €12.50 at time of purchase
Amount in bottle: .5 fl. oz./15ml
Availability: Limited Edition
Stockists: Limited number of pharmacies and beauty supply stores. May no longer be available.

If it ever comes to restocking I think I’ll be going for the Essence option for ease – particularly given the price difference!

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9 Responses to An OPI Dupe – OPI Rainbow Connection vs Essence Circus Confetti

  1. It’s the perfect dupe!

  2. I love Circus it goes over any shade

  3. Sharon says:

    I bought that OPI at the time too, (I actually bought two, one for me and one for a giveaway) but I hated it! I ended up swapping it with a friend, then I wanted it again and bought Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-kylie (the exact same polish) then forgot I had it, bought the Essence, and now don’t wear any of them :/

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