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We had a really good #irishbbloggers chat tonight and we looked at what inspires us. It was great to see people supporting each other, sharing ideas and talking about what inspires them and also what holds them back! It was amazing to see how many of us had the same insecurities. Is our blog good enough? Are we getting enough views? Are we *real* bloggers yet?

Some of the ideas that people put forward for inspiration were:
~ other bloggers
~ reader feedback
~ YouTube

It was also pointed out that you don’t need to keep buying new things (or being sent stuff) in order to keep blogging. This made me think as in June I only bought four beauty items and still managed to blog each day by looking at things I already had and loved/disliked that I could post about. I think beauty bloggers can put themselves under too much pressure to try *all* the cosmetics and skincare products that are launched.

I really love these chats as I always end up chatting to someone new and it is so great to see bloggers working together to help and support each other. It was the perfect start to July’s #blogboost! The #irishbbloggers chat takes place on Twitter from 8:30pm to 9:30pm each Monday night and all are welcome to join!


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12 Responses to Blogger inspiration

  1. Great post! Was lovely to chat tonight and have everyone contribute really honestly about their blogging experience. Love that we have such a supportive community (despite any dramas that might emerge from time to time) and everyone respects each other. Can’t wait to see everyone at a meetup soon! x

  2. I took part in my first #irishbbloggers chat tonight and really enjoyed it! The community is absolutely amazing and everyone so supportive. One day i would love to go to a meetup but i get so nervous before events i can verge on panic attacks so it will take me awhile to pick up the courage. Best of luck posting everyday with #blogboost you are really on a roll, and i look forward to your posts everyday xx

    • If you are going to a meetup I will meet you beforehand so we can walk in together. It makes all the difference! I did it with two other girls for the last meetup and it helped us all! I think it’s good to know that most people feel like that though and that’s one of the great benefits of the twitter chats – where we can discuss these things!

  3. says:

    I only caught up after the chat and am raging i missed it!!! must set a reminder next time 🙂

  4. I keep forgetting about the chats which is such a shame because I loved the one I did take part in! Next week for sure! And go you Girl Friday taking on another challenge!

  5. Sharon says:

    I missed the chat again, I’m going to have to set a reminder next week! x

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