#JuneBBC Day 30: Empties Post #1

I included this post in the list of #JuneBBC topics for purely selfish reasons as it is something I have considered doing and keep putting off. The day I made up the list of topics I put a basket in my ensuite for empties so there is slightly more than a months worth here. I have also been on a mission to try use up products that I had bits left in so I don’t think I would get through this much stuff every month. On the plus side I definitely haven’t bought anywhere near as much as I have emptied so I am really happy with that!

Lush Neal & Wolfe

Lush Flying Fox shower gel Love this and when I get to the end of my shower gel stash it is a definite repurchase.
Lush It’s Raining Men shower gel Love this! I have another larger size in my shower gel stash so I don’t need to repurchase.
Lush H’Suan Wen Hua hair mask I use this on an ongoing basis. It has already been repurchased so expect it to see it in future empties posts!
Lush Rehab Shampoo This was my go to shampoo for about 2 years. I feel like it is less effetive lately so am taking a break from it but as I have a large bottle in my stash will be going back to it.
Lush American Cream conditioner Another staple that I am taking a break from in an effort to use up items but will be going back to!
Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment for all hair types I got this in a beauty box and loved it. It lasted forever and I possibly would repurchase it if I saw it somewhere. It’s not something I am going looking for though.
Sublimo Instant Pro Hydractive Intense Masque I bought this in a hair salon ages ago. It did the job fine but it wasn’t anything outstanding.
Wella System Professional Repair Cream 30 seconds I finally finished both sizes of this. I loved them and had been trying to make them last forever but in an effort to trim my stash they are now gone. A great product but not sure if it is still available as it’s so long since I bought them.

Lush Benefit Neals Yard Remedy Soap & Glory Rimmel Cellnique
Lush Volcano foot mask This dried out before I used it fully. I’d buy it again if I was going wearing sandals out but it is messy and quite a bit of effort!
Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque (3g sample size) I got this in a beauty box. It was fine but I won’t be looking to source it.
Lush Herbalism facial cleanser I found this great as it also helped to exfoliate. There is too much in a tub to use before it comes to the best before date. I have loads of cleansers to use up but would possibly repurchase this.
Soap & Glory Catch A Wrinkle in Time moisturiser I love this moisturiser and have another in my stash as a back up. I’m loving my Korres at the moment but this is a possible repurchase.
Soap & Glory Hand Food Love this hand cream. Possible repurchase even if it was just the travel size for in my handbag!
Neals Yard Remedy samples These were lovely but the cleanser did leave my skin a bit red.
Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara (Waterproof) Would love to repurchase this but it has been discontinued.
Benefit Get Even in shade 01 I used to love this and only came across it recently when shopping my stash. I had already hit pan and unfortunately it was a bit smashed up but I do have a backup so will be trying to use it more.

Colgate Johnsons Sensodyne Sure
Colgate Plax Alcohol Free mouthwash
Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste
Sure roll-on deodourant
Johnson’s Cotton Buds

Just some basics. They will all be purchased again in some form once I have worked through all of my many backups as they are essentials. The mouthwash is the only item I wouldn’t repurchase as it was just too big a bottle and I ended up dumping some of it as I was paranoid that it was gone off… Can mouthwash go off?

So that’s a quick overview of my empties for the end of May and all of June to date. Is there anything that you would like a more indepth review of? Would you rather if essentials such as toothpaste and deodourant were not included in future? Let me know!


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9 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 30: Empties Post #1

  1. I love the packaging on these products! That makes me want to try it alone. 🙂

  2. I am so jealous of all your Lush products, i can’t wait to make a trip to Dublin next month i need my fix! xx

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