#JuneBBC Day 27: Biggest fashion mistake you have made

Hi, my name is Girl Friday and I was a child of the 80s…

This, of course, means that I have made very many fashion mistakes! Luckily for me my photo album chronicling these is at my parents so I can’t show you pictorial evidence from my own life… I’ll have to rely on examples from Google search! (All pictures remain the property of the persons that took them and will be credited where possible!)

1.) My sister and I being dressed in the same outfit – but in different colours!

Yep, one of us usually had our underwear showing too… It seems to have been pretty common pre-digital cameras!
Photo originally found here.

2.) Bright patterned culottes

I had an entire outfit in a pattern similar to this – culottes and a fitted top! :/
Photo found here.

3.) A perm… It was a loose perm but a perm all the same!

It looked something like this.
Photo found here.

What are your fashion disasters? Were you an 80s child too?


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5 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 27: Biggest fashion mistake you have made

  1. I was an 80’s child, and I am not going to lie. In elementary school, I had a hair cut that looked like a mullet, I had buck teeth and I loved to wear stirrup pants. Oh yeah, and I wore those Mr. Rogers/Bill Cosby sweaters. 🙂 Great times.

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