#JuneBBC Day 26: Best beauty advice you have been given

As someone who is interested in beauty and as a blogger people feel the need to pass on all sorts of gems of wisdom. Some are passed directly to me, some I pick up from blogs and YouTube videos, some are just my experience from life. I know once I have posted this I will think of more that I want to share but for now the pieces of advice that I want to share are:

Smile – a genuine smile is better than makeup for making you look your best!

Drink lots of water – this flushes the toxins out of your system, keeps you hydrated and all around helps you to have the best skin you can have. About 2 litres a day is ideal and it is best to spread it out over the day as too much in one go is not good for your kidneys.

Cleansing/Skincare – Do not sleep with your makeup on; no matter how tempted you are! Another piece of advice I was given is around a skincare routine. I was always of the opinion that you should find one routine and stick to it. A piece of advice I was given however advised that you listen to your skin to see what it needs on the day. You need nutrition to keep your body in working order but you wouldn’t eat the same food day in and day out. Bearing that in mind why be so rigid in your skincare routine?

As I said, I am sure there are lots more but these are the ones that I truly live by at the moment. Have you any advice you want to share? What was the best advice you were given?


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4 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 26: Best beauty advice you have been given

  1. Good advice thankfully I never go to bed anymore with makeup on but need to up my water!

  2. Sharon says:

    The water is the single biggest thing that makes a difference to me, this is probably wayyyyy TMI but since I’ve upped it to 2+ litres my doctor is so happy with all my pregnancy-related tests, it can make a huge, huge difference to health. Best tip I have for water is to buy a sports bottle & fill it twice a day, keep it beside you, you don’t even notice the 2litres sometimes x

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