#JuneBBC Day 24: Alternative uses for products

Initially when I came up with this idea for a post I was thinking of things like using concealer as an eyeshadow base or lipstick as a blusher but to be honest, I don’t do those things! So I started to look to see what I did do and to start with I was stumped! Then the more I thought of it the more the ideas came to me of things I was already doing…

eyeshadow palette storage letter rack

Letter rack or eye palette storage container?

Makeup storage can be really expensive and difficult to find exactly what you want. When I found this letter rack in TK Maxx for €9.99 I just knew it would be perfect for storing my makeup palettes – or at least some of them!

Acrylic glass and a mesh pen holder for makeup storage

Acrylic glass and a mesh pen holder for makeup storage

Again I have used alternative items for makeup storage above. I have a selection of acrylic and plastic ‘glasses’ that are great for storing small items and about 4 of the wire mesh pen holders from IKEA that are cheap and yet perfect for storing pencils and brushes!

lovely jubblies cotton pads foundation brush inglot eyeshadows sponge applicator

Lovely Jubblies from Lush is a breast cream – but it is also great for around the eye area as it has a firming effect!

A cotton pad cut in half can be used as a shield under your eye to prevent mascara smudges or eyeshadow fallout. You can buy a specific shield for this but a cotton pad is easier to source, just as effective and a lot cheaper!

A foundation brush is a great way to apply a facemask. You can apply an even layer more easily and there is less mess and wastage making it more economic!

Eyeshadows can be used instead of eyeliner if you want to have a softer look. You can use them dry smudged into the lashline for a soft look or can use a wet brush to apply them to make it more defined and dramatic. This is also a great alternative for more mature persons who may find that the ‘crepey’ nature of the eyelid isn’t suited to eyeliner.

We all get those sponge applicators in eyeshadow palettes and they are useless – unless you want to use them for nail art! These are perfect for doing sponge effect or gradient nails as they are firm and easy to control application with and can also be thrown out guilt free afterwards! You can buy packs of these in Boots but I’m sure if you go through all the eyeshadow palettes you have you’ll find that you’re in no need to rush out to buy extra!

I hope you got some interesting ideas from this post. What items do you use for makeup or beauty that may not be exactly what they were intended for?


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6 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 24: Alternative uses for products

  1. theoxfordowl says:

    Ooh, I’d never thought of doing gradients with those little eyeshadow applicators! That makes a lot of sense 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sharon says:

    Never would have thought of putting on a face mask with a foundation brush, I’ve a couple of the flat brushes that I don’t like for foundation but I couldn’t bear to throw them out – sorted! Thanks for great tips x

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