SoukSouk Beauty Box – June 2013

I was getting organised to walk out the door to work this morning and running slightly late when the postman rang the bell to deliver my SoukSouk box. I didn’t even have time to open it so I took photos as I unboxed it this evening so that you could see how it was presented and what I got! You can also see my post on last months box here.

SoukSouk June 2013

Despite being a ‘no frills’ box I actually really like the presentation of these boxes. I’ve accumulated quite a few boxes from other companies at this stage so the fact that this looks nice when it arrives but then can be put into the recycling bin afterwards with no guilt is another positive about it for me. There is no excess ribbon or anything to deal with. The one down side I would say about this months box is that there seemed to be quite a few leaflets with it – not exactly environmentally friendly! It was only two extra leaflets but when added to the magazine and the insert listing the products it looked like a lot more!

SoukSouk June 2013 leaflets and magazine

The magazine has some great articles that I am looking forward to having a proper read of at the weekend and is very topical in that there is a focus on skincare and the importance of using sun protection! There is also a discount code for Faith in Nature on their leaflet which is valid up to mid July so that might be handy! 😉

Onto the products…

SoukSouk products June 2013

As I have said I have only just unpacked this box so I can’t really give too much information on the products yet. Once again there is some duplication with two products from the one range included in the box. I’m not sure if this is being done intentionally as the products complement each other. It’s a great idea if the products suit you but for anyone who has tried the range and disliked it it really limits the box for them!

Faith in Nature Shower Gel and Bath Foam (100ml): I got this in Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang scent and I have to say I really like the smell. I would imagine that this will be great for my dry skin as Aloe is so soothing and it will be particularly good if I get a bit too much sun at any stage!
Sample worth approximately £1.30

Barefaced Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Graphite: I’m not a massive fan of mineral makeup so I’m not sure this will get any use if I am being honest. I find the fallout can just be too much. They do make the suggestion of using it as an eyeliner and I have to be honest and say that idea intrigues me. I may gift this on to someone, I’m not quite sure yet!
Full size of this is £8. I can’t see what size the full size one is but there is 1.5g of product included in the box.

MOA The Green Balm: I actually received this product in a beauty box before and quite liked it as a lip balm before I managed to lose it. It’s a multi-use product that can be applied to dry skin, can be used to promote healing or apparently can also be used for cleansing. I think I might try see how many uses I can get out of it! It’s quite a small sample to look at but a little seems to go a long way.
There is no size on the sample received but I can see from the website that 15ml retails for £4.99 and 50ml retails for £9.99. There is also a really nice Daily Cleansing Ritual kit available.

Eve of St Agnes Refining Bamboo Exfoliating Polish and Hydrating Facial Silk: As I have already said I am not sure about having two products from the same range in box. With these two I will admit however that their luxurious looking and feeling glass jars help sway me as these look quite impressive together and barely look like samples! The leaflet describes the exfoliator as being ‘zingy’ and if it feels like it smells they’re bang on with that despcription. This smells like it would be a perfect ‘wake me up’ product as it is packed full of citrus fruits but it also states that it is suitable for sensitive skin. The hydrating facial silk smells AMAZING! I can’t wait to use this on my skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is supposedly great for dry and dehydrated skin and is something I have been planning to watch for when I was next purchasing so this could be a winner for me! The full size of the Hydrating facial silk is 50ml and retails for £28. The full size Exfoliating Polish is also 50ml and retails for £18. These are rather generous 15ml samples so should give me a good chance to trial the products.

So that’s it for this month’s SoukSouk box. I’m actually really impressed with it and I feel like the products I got were ones I wouldn’t have come across otherwise. On a completely different note I have tried something new with my photos for this post so would love any feedback you might have for me. Do you prefer a coloured background on the pics or does the white look better? Let me know what you think!


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  1. Ooooo looks amazing! 🙂

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