#JuneBBC Day 21: Favourite nail look/nail art

As I mentioned in this post nail art is not my strong point. I really envy the girls that I featured in that post as they are just so talented! About 18 months ago I went mad into buying Konad products in an effort to do something with my nails and I did get some lovely looks done. It’s something I have slacked off on so once I have some time I am going to get all my nail art bits and bobs out and try come up with some different looks!

Konad Nail art

The bottom right design is my favourite as I feel it is really summery! I loved using the Konad designs to dress up nail varnish colours that I probably would not have worn otherwise – for example the blue polish above.

Another look that I am determined to try at some stage is something along the lines of this. I love the look of a french polish and this twist on it just seems so fun. I’d love to try it in black, white and red in the hopes that it would actually look really classy!


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8 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 21: Favourite nail look/nail art

  1. Sharon says:

    And you saying you can’t do nail art, tut, you’re a better stamper than I am xx

  2. Marian says:

    I really love them. Great stamping action 🙂

  3. Ohh the stamping looks great! I gave up on that out of frustration, so hit and miss with me. Definitly wanna see some nail art come from you!

  4. Kelly Fox says:

    There are so many pretty designs that makes it so hard to choose from just one!

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