#JuneBBC Day 20: Favourite ‘high end’ product

I’ve bored you all silly in relation to Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation at this stage so I am not going to do that again! Instead I am just going to ramble a bit about high end products and my views on them.

I don’t own a massive amount of ‘high end’ products. I have my foundations, Benefit They’re Real mascara, 2 MAC lippies and matching lipliners, some ARTDECO products that I won in a competition and a fairly large collection of Urban Decay products. I don’t buy a massive amount of high end products as I don’t wear makeup often enough to really get the benefit from them. I have to be honest and say that I am not drawn to high end products. I feel guilty when I spend a fortune on one item so instead I buy masses of cheaper products. It makes sense in my head! 😛

One thing I have noticed in recent times is that ‘drugstore’ makeup is creeping up in price. It seems to me like the gap between the two ends seems to be decreasing. When I see that my foundation is €32, Clarins is €30, Bare Minerals is €27 and a No7 (drugstore brand) is €21.50 it makes me question the differences between them. I do feel that you have to pay for quality but sometimes it seems like you have to pay an awful lot more for the same (or lesser quality) product just because it is ‘high end’ and therefore seen to be more desirable! An example to me is MAC eyeshadows. I don’t own any MAC eyeshadows for the simple reason that they are approximately €15 each and I don’t feel the quality warrants that. I am not saying there is anything wrong with their products but I can’t see the difference in quality between MAC and Inglot that would make me want to pay 3 times the price for an eyeshadow.

Anyway, before I lose the run of myself with a rant I will sign off. Do you own many high end products? Is your collection all/mostly high end and if so what are your views on what I have said? And of course, if you have any recommendations of high end products that you feel I might like please let me know! My wishlist needs adding to! 😉


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8 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 20: Favourite ‘high end’ product

  1. Louise says:

    I don’t have the dollars!!! I’m like you! Buy the cheap stuff in bulk! Lol x

  2. I agree about the price difference and honestly I would rather have the better products, they last longer too.

    • Some of the cheaper products can be better than the high end versions in my opinion. It’s about doing your research and not just blindly buying something because its a high end name! No company can be good at everything and they all have their strengths.

  3. Sharon says:

    I definitely don’t buy high-end products. My good going-out foundation is Lancome, which is an obscene price, but it’s genuinely my Holy Grail good foundation and I’d only need to buy it once a year. Apart from that I have one MAC lipstick which was a gift, and one Chanel polish which was a prize. Everything else is a mixture of medium and budget brands. I’m appalled by the price of brands like Revlon, Benefit, Max Factor, No.7 – they shouldn’t cost the same as the luxury brands!

    • I totally agree! There’s so many products now that are in that middle ground. I don’t buy high end much as I generally think paying €30 for a Dior lipstick is mad for example! It’s about looking at the prices – paying €14 for a No7 lip product is ridiculous considering its €18.50 for a MAC lippy!

  4. I really don’t have many high end products at all, having lived my student life through high street I just don’t see the point in spending the extra cash when I know I can get just as good quality!

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