#JuneBBC Day 19: My style/fashion icon

Apologies for the late post but you know your head is all over the place when you spend five minutes looking at the word June trying to work out if you’ve typed it correctly! It has just been one of those days so hoping you’re all well!

Anyway, for anyone who is new here, welcome, but also, just to let you know that I am a ‘larger lady’, ‘plus size’, whatever PC term you want to put on it. I like to look nice but to be fair the majority of fashion and style icons that are in the public eye are just people that I can’t relate to as I know those clothes wouldn’t suit me and my shape. I am, as my dad told me (at least!) once – a little teapot! For those that the penny hasn’t dropped with – I am short and stout! 😉

There is one lady whose style I always admire though and that is Adele. She always looks so stylish and polished and I would love to be able to achieve that!

Whether it is on the red carpet or for awards:

Adele awards red carpet

Or whether it is just that bit more casual:

Adele casual

But even she has her flaws!

Adele Grammys

Hope you enjoyed this post as I don’t usually venture into fashion! Is it something you would like to see more of? Let me know!


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5 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 19: My style/fashion icon

  1. Speaking as a fellow teapot (who sometimes morphs into a coffee pot when I go on a health kick), I can’t help but agree with your choice of style icon. Then again, Adele is beautiful anyway – eyes, lips, hair – classically gorgeous.

    You have to admit though, that she only truly became ‘polished’ after her success, when she had access to the best stylists. Apart from the floral Valentino dress/armchair cover. Kudos for breaking out of flattering black, but a couple of slimming red panels to break up the flowers wouldn’t have gone amiss.

    • Absolutely agree that she is classically gorgeous and I’m sure, like you said, the polished look is at least partly due to a team of beauticians, hairdressers etc. I’d still love to be able to achieve it even just once! I’d really love to see her out of black more. Even a chocolate brown would be gorgeous! Or a plain red dress… Something less ‘upholstered’ looking!

  2. I love Adele! I was just discussing this with a friend of mine the other day about how she’s such a role model! Every other singer out there may have a beautiful voice, but they also have skirts up yay high, barely there tops etc. She’s a classy lady and a classy dresser. Good choice:)

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