Mini Skincare haul: June 2013

I spent today in Dublin as it was my sisters birthday and I was off work so took the chance to catch up with a friend and go for coffee. Of course, while I was in Dublin I was in the vicinity of a large Boots store and a Superdrug so of course I made a few purchases. I can resist anything except temptation! 😉

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean, Super Facialist Moisture Mask and B.Pure Micellar water

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean, Super Facialist Moisture Mask and B.Pure Micellar water

I’ve seen loads of people recommending Soap & Glory™ Peaches And Clean™ Deep Cleansing Milk as a mask so I decided to give it a try. There was a 3for2 offer on Soap & Glory skincare in Boots but they didn’t have three things I wanted so I was sensible and came away with this one product. It cost €9.50 instore despite being priced at €8 online…

My skin has been a bit out of sorts the last while so I have been trying to get it back on track. I used to treat it with Liz Earle’s Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask™ but I must have left mine in my parents as I can’t find it anywhere. I love the smell of roses so this Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask by Úna Brennan won me over when I was browsing in Boots. The €10.99 price tag works out considerably cheaper. Interestingly after noticing the price discrepancy between instore and online above I checked this out on and it is priced at only €7.33 there… Think I was ripped off instore as getting it delivered to my local store would have been cheaper!

Of course, when I was in Dublin I had to pop to Superdrug where I managed to get my hands on my beloved B.Pure Micellar water. This was on special offer so I picked up two of them at only €4.05 per bottle!

I think I was very restrained, don’t you? Although, in future it might be cheaper to order my Boots items online so that’s something I’ll be keeping an eye on!


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18 Responses to Mini Skincare haul: June 2013

  1. That’s mad about the price differences! When you said you’d noticed discrepancies in your tweet, I thought you were going to say it was more expensive online!

    • That’s what I would have expected to be honest. Even paying to get them delivered to my house would have been cheaper than buying just those two items instore! It would really add up on a proper splurge!

  2. Wow that’s crazy there’s a price difference, making online cheaper! I thought they would be the same…. I haven’t tried the peaches and clean mask but I am a big fan of it as just the cleanser. May have to look into, although maybe online…

  3. They all look lovely, definitely want to try the Micellar Water, so far the best I’ve tried is the one I picked up in Spain

    • The B.Pure one is the only micellar water I have tried but I’d love to try some others. LRP seems popular. What one did you get in Spain? Are there many brands there that we can’t get here?

  4. TooManyMuffins says:

    Wow, thats crazy about price differences, think I’ll give a shot at buying online instead. Love the B Micellar Water. First Micellar water I tried and love!

    • I’m not sure if its to do with different offers being online to instore but it’s definitely worth checking!

      Love B.Pure but as I don’t live near a Superdrug I dislike that it’s so hard to get!

  5. Nice buys love my skincare lately!

  6. Sharon says:

    That’s awful about the price difference, the cheek of them! I like Soap & Glory a lot (not their makeup, yuck) and I love the smell of that Peaches & Clean. If you haven’t used their Sugar Crush body scrub, it’s unreal, smells like limes.

  7. Laura says:

    I love this the soap and glory stuff. Bloggers influence me as ought it after loads of people have said it is amazing! Ha. I was pretty impressed too though. Fab review of everything hun and love the blog! Xx

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