#JuneBBC Day 16: Skincare Routine

I have been procrastinating on this post because I really need to make a confession – I have no real skincare routine! I am very ad-hoc with my skincare and it is something I really need to work at. I go through phases of being really good and then I slack off! I have gotten *much* better but it’s still not ideal! I’ll get there eventually! The only things that I have made any real progress on are that I don’t use face wipes anymore and if I have been wearing makeup I always make sure to take it off before sleeping – no matter how late it is!

I was trying to work out what the best way to address this topic was so I have decided to break the products down in the order that I use them…

No7 Liz Earle

The above products are the ones that I use most regularly.

The No7 Perfect Skin Cleansing brush (Boots.ie, €33) was probably one of the best investments that I have made in terms of my skincare. This is a cheaper version of the much talked about Clarisonic. I got it when it was first introduced and was on special offer and I got the No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin (Boots.ie, €11.75) at the same time. I find that this combination is particularly good when I need to remove makeup. I also tend to use the cleansing brush with either of the hot cloth cleansers (LizEarle.com/€17.75; Boots.ie/€12.95) pictured as an additional step. I massage the cleanser into my face, use the brush to go over it and then remove the residue with the hot cloth. I find that this really helps with my dry skin as it removes the dead skin without aggravating my skin and allows the nourishing products to sink in better.

B.Pure Lush 9to5 Lulu's Time Bomb cleansers

These are cleansing products that I use in the morning or less frequently at night.

The B.Pure micellar water (Superdrug, €7.15) is amazing for freshening up my face in the morning or for removing makeup at night if I haven’t the energy for using my cleansing brush. It doesn’t need to be wiped off so I just use a clean cotton pad and off I go. Lush 9to5 cleanser is also great for the morning as it is another that works on a cotton pad and doesn’t need rinsing. I previously used this to remove makeup but it did struggle to take off my Double Wear foundation.

Lulu’s Time Bomb Cleansing Cream is a product that I got from Carmine as a thank you for subscribing to their beauty box. It has exfoliating granules in it so is nice when my skin needs a light exfoliation without wanting to be too harsh.

Lush toner water No7 eye makeup remover Mask of Magnaminty Glam Glow Supermud

If I have been wearing makeup I will usually use some of the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover (Boots.ie, €11) at the end of my cleanse so I have included that here. I do however find that the micellar water tends to remove most of my eye makeup so this isn’t always needed. I will generally follow up with toner water if my skin is feeling a little agitated at this point. Both of the Lush toners are great for this but I have to be honest and say that Eau Roma Toner Water is probably my favourite!

If I am doing a face mask I tend to use Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty. I love the minty scent and this is a staple for me. It can be a little bit messy and hard to remove if I let it dry for too long so I am most likely to use this when I am going for a shower. I have also been reviewing Glam Glow Supermud mask so am continuing to use it to see if I can see a difference in my skin. You can read my review on it here.

Lush Serum bar Korres moisturiser

Moisturiser is about the only product that I don’t skip from product to product on. I have finally found products that work for my skin so I am sticking with them! When I use my cleansing brush and/or do a double cleanse (especially after wearing makeup) I find that my skin needs some extra moisture injected back into it. The Lush Full of Grace serum bar is great for this. It is packed full of natural oils and ingredients to hydrate and nourish my skin and calm sensitivities. I use this only at night unless my skin is *very* dry as it can leave me looking a bit shiny if I get too warm otherwise.

The Korres Wild Rose moisturiser (€27.90) is a product that I first received in a beauty box and I love it. It really sinks into my skin and leaves it feeling healthy. A little goes a long way with this and despite having it since Christmas I have barely made a dent in it – although part of that is due to the fact that I don’t apply it quite as often as I should! It’s only has an SPF of 6 and I really wish it was higher but that is my only fault with this product.

So that’s the products I use… And the ideal way that I would use them! Now I just need to stick to it. How good are you at sticking to a skincare routine?


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10 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 16: Skincare Routine

  1. I’m so, so terrible at skincare routines. I said it in my JuneBBC post today, but I’m awful. I’ve only just a couple of weeks ago given up face-wipes and started using a moisturiser again – I’m so terrible. I’m just lucky I’ve got fairly agreeable skin most of the time, or I’d be screwed. I think, more than any other part of make up, it’s just so easy to get lazy about, even if it’s probably one of the most important areas!

    • If I took care of my skin it’d be fine. I don’t though so it ends up very very dry and sore… then I work hard to get it right – and stop again!

      I’ve taken to reading Caroline Hiron’s blog more and that is giving me lots of great advice and advising good products so between that and #JuneBBC my wishlist is just getting longer and longer!

  2. I love any Korres products I’ve tried I had that cream too it was lovely!

    • I wouldn’t have tried it only I had the sample first. I found it really difficult to get a moisturiser to work with my skin so wouldn’t have paid out almost €30 if I wasn’t sure it would suit. Are there any other Korres products you would recommend?

  3. theoxfordowl says:

    I really like the sound of that Korres moisturiser!

  4. Oh wow I remember seeing the No.7 brush but just passing over it thinking it might not live up but you seem to think it’s really great! Might go in an enquire about it:) The Miceller water sounds so good too!

    • I was really dubious about it but I had loads of Boots points saved up so got it out of that. Figured if nothing else i could review it for the blog! Genuinely wouldn’t be without it now! I’ve seen loads of people say it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. I just find I have to be careful and only use it for short periods of time.

  5. Beauty care is time consuming and i hate that. Need some fast remedies to take care of my skin.

    • Unfortunately there are very few fast remedies that work on a long term basis. It’s something I have come to learn over time. It’s just a matter of finding a routine that works for you.

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