Liebster award

Liebster Award
I was tagged to do the Liebster Award tag by Aoife from A Little Infinity. The basic premise is that a relatively unknown blogger is nominated by another new-ish blogger (defined as one with less than 200 followers), and they answer 11 questions before tagging 11 other bloggers to answer 11 different questions. Complicated or what!?!

1. Why did you start blogging?
The simple answer is that I started blogging because I love beauty. I was reading some beauty blogs and intriguedd by the idea so decided to give it a try about 4 years ago at this stage. I had a blog on Blogspot for a while and then somehow all of the pictures got deleted so I got disheartened and just stopped blogging. When I finished my MUA course last year there was a gap in my life and I realised that it was a blogging/beauty shaped gap so I started this new blog last July.

2. Where did your blog name come from?
My blog name is so unimaginative as it is simply my internet handle that I use on other sites with ‘beauty blog’ added to the end… In hindsight I do wish I had been more imaginative but I never really expected people to read it so I didn’t put much thought into it!

3. What’s your favourite beauty brand?
I honestly couldn’t limit this to one brand as I haven’t found a brand that does everything to suit me, just lots that have their strengths! For foundation Estee Lauder, for eyeshadow and eyeliner Inglot, for skincare a combination of Lush and Liz Earle probably… It’s too hard to choose!

4. What’s your current/summer scent?
Perfume gives me migraines so I tend not to wear any. Vanillary from Lush is one I can wear that I love and I do have one or two others that I use if I want a perfume but I don’t have any one scent that I continuously use.

5. How do you treat yourself after a bad day?
Cuddles with my dogs and a pampering session – long, hot shower or bath and a facial! It used to be wine and/or edible treat but no more!

6. Who’s your all time favourite blogger?
I’m coming across new blogs that I love all the time so this is a really hard question for me. As part of #BEDM I had to do a post on my favourite 5 blogs and that was difficult enough so maybe check that out as it’s probably one of those lovely ladies!

7. Have you ever/would you ever make the leap to YouTube/vlogging?
I don’t even show my face on my blog as I am sure you have noticed so it’s really unlikely that I would ever make the leap into vlogging. I also feel that YouTube seems to bring out a lot more trolls and negativity than you get when blogging so I can’t see myself leaping into that position.

8. Favourite thing about the city/town you live in?
I love that my town is small but yet has pretty much everything I need. It’s near the motorway but yet pretty rural and it’s cheap enough that I can rent a place on my own. After 10 years of houseshares I was fed up but I can’t afford to buy my own house so this is the next best thing!

9. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Mean people and bullying. I get really upset when I see others hurt unnecessarily by the actions of others and it drives me insane when I know/suspect that it is intentional. Life is hard enough – can we not all just be nice?

10. Least favourite thing about blogging?
My least favourite thing about blogging is probably that so many people still don’t seem to understand it. And not being able to use new things til you have taken pictures of them in good lighting in case you decide to blog about them at some stage!

11. Favourite dessert?
I had an *amazing* chocolate mousse last week when I brought my parents out to dinner… Other than that it’s probably cheesecake even though I’m not meant to have it and too much rich dairy makes me ill… I just can’t resist – especially if it’s Toblerone or Baileys!

Liebster Award

Now that that’s done I would like to tag (in no particular order!):
Katrina at Pretty Kitty
Rachel at The Powder Room
Sarah at RaRa Giggles Blog
Grace at Ziegfeld Girl Beauty
Louise at Strawberrytopics
Claire Nora at GleoiteDaithúil
Steff at Girl Meets Face Paint
Hannah at A Bullet to the Head
Gail at GailyGumdrops
Chloe at Very Lovely Stuff
Sho at Shomode

(Please also check out those nominated alongside me as many of these are people I would have loved to have included if Aoife hadn’t gotten there first!)

Now for the questions I want them to answer:
1.) Do your family and friends know about your blog and if so, how did you tell them?
2.) What post have you done that are you proudest of (and why)?
3.) What advice would you have for someone considering setting up a blog?
4.) What are three positives and three negatives about blogging and/or the blogging community?
5.) What are your aims for your blog in the next 6 months?
6.) What blog related skill would you like to be better at?
7.) Describe yourself in 5 adjectives.
8.) What are your cheapest and most expensive makeup items that you use on a regular basis?
9.) What is your earliest happy memory?
10.) What is the strangest compliment you have ever received?
11.) What is in your handbag?

If you do this tag (or have already done it) please leave me your link below as I love finding new blogs!


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11 Responses to Liebster award

  1. violinkeri says:

    This was very well done, plus I got to follow some new blogs out of it!

  2. Wow, that was fast! I really enjoyed this. Totally agree with the thing about not being able to play around with products until photos are taken – I’m so bad for getting overexcited and ignoring this!

    • Wanted to get it done before all the other bloggers were nominated too! 😉 It was so hard to choose people and make sure they were under the follower limit. Thanks a million for nominating me. Think it was my first ever tag nomination & it was an awesome one! 🙂

      • Yay! It’s really hard to choose bloggers, and especially with wordpress blogs, it’s harder to try and figure out how many followers people have. I wasn’t sure if you fell under the limit at all, but I wanted to read your answers 😛

      • I definitely do – I’m well under the limit!! Sure I’m still only a newb – not even had my first blogaversary yet! Hope you enjoyed the answers. 🙂

  3. Haha the photo thing! So true and so hard… I tried to wait with my birthday makeup but just could not resist the temptation! Doggy cuddles solve all ❤

  4. Steff says:

    I’ve been away for the weekend and have just seen you nominated me…. THANK YOU!! It made my weekend, I can’t wait to do my post with your 11 questions 🙂 I know how much time and effort goes into preparing a post and when they all your photos got deleted it would have been really easy to just give up, I’m so glad you didn’t 🙂 xx

    • I hope you had a great weekend! I’m glad I didn’t give up too. Although I have recently gotten really paranoid so I do need to look into backing stuff up!

      Can’t wait to read your response to my questions! Make sure to link me to it!

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