#JuneBBC Day 14: Favourite mascara

Now, this is a nice easy one for me! 🙂 Despite having multiples of every product in my stash mascara is one item that I tend to only have 2-3 maximum in use at any one time. As mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria (which isn’t something you want at your eyes!) I try not to waste them by having too many on the go at the one time and needing to dump them when they are barely used. As I don’t wear makeup daily even with holding on to mascara slightly longer than I should there still tends to be a fair amount of product left when I discard them after 5-6 months!

For *ages* I used Rimmel’s Day2Night mascara in it’s waterproof formula. I found this product was great as it worked to give both length and volume, it didn’t smudge or flake off and it left my lashes looking black and full for as long as I needed it to!

Rimmel Day2Night Mascara Waterproof

Unfortunately the waterproof version of this mascara is no longer available. You can still get it in the regular version (it has pink packaging) in brown and black and it costs just over €10! I haven’t used this version though so I can’t recommend it.

Since the Rimmel mascara is no longer available I have replaced it with two products – Benefit’s They’re Real and Esteé Lauder’s Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara.

Benefit They're Real Esteé Lauder Sumptuous Bold Lifting Mascara

I find They’re Real gives me length but Sumptuous gives me fabulous volume so they work great together. If I could only use one of these products it would be Sumptuous. As you can see from the photo I only have a sample of this at the moment but when I get to the end of my small mascara stash this is definitely one that I will consider purchasing! Benefit’s They’re Real costs €26 and Esteé Lauder’s Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara is €24 (both priced on the newly launched Boots.ie).


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9 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 14: Favourite mascara

  1. Louise says:

    I am dying to try out the benefit mascara. I refused to pay that much money for one but defo think its time to splurge!!!
    Too many great reviews!!! Xxx

  2. Sharon says:

    Christ on a bike that boots site will have me eating out of the bins, had no idea they did Benefit. I got the trial size of They’re Real! and I loved it a little bit too much! Might just try and save the points for it x

  3. GM says:

    I think you can’t beat lash architect! I venture away o try the ewest craze but always go back! 🙂

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  5. That Estee Lauder one sounds good to me, I am a fan of the volume! That Rimmel one sounds pretty good too!

    • The Rimmel one was excellent. I’m tempted by the non waterproof version tbh! The Estée Lauder is great so will probably repurchase if I don’t find my Holy Grail in the ones I have in my stash!

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