#JuneBBC Day 12: An Item You’ve Bought Because of Blogs/Vlogs

I would place the blame for a lot of my purchases on blogs/vlogs. At this stage when I walk around anywhere selling makeup or skincare I am mentally going “lovelygirlybits recommended that” “Donna from NotJustInside said that was good” and so on… My friends and family are well used to me recommending products to them on the basis of blog/vlog reviews. YouTube and the numerous blogs I follow have opened my eyes to brands I would never even have heard of otherwise as they are not stocked in many (if any!) stores here. These include: Sleek products, Sigma brushes, China Glaze nail varnish beauty boxes such as Glossybox, She Said Beauty, SoukSouk and Carmine, and many, many more!

Specific products that I have purchased on the basis of seeing them reviewed online are:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Liz Earle, Cleanse & Polish, Limited Edition, Princes Trust

When I first got into watching beauty videos on YouTube *everyone* raved about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in their favourites videos. I had to try it! While I do like the original I really love this edition which is the Lavender and Rose version that was released to raise funds for Prince’s Trust.

Real Techniques brushes: 

Real Techniques brushes

I tried for the longest time to ignore the hype about the Real Techniques brushes as I was putting it down to the fact that Sam Chapman is a YouTuber and known to many of the beauty gurus so of course they wanted to support her. It’s not that though – these brushes are amazing! I have collected quite a few of them and more are on my wishlist. They are well worth a try and the fact that they look so stylish is an added bonus!

Rimmel Apocalips:

Rimmel Apocalips

Rimmel Apocalips have been raved about online for their texture and pigmentation so I had to give them a try when I was in Superdrug a while ago. I stuck to two very ‘me’ shades and they haven’t blown me away but probably because I haven’t really given them a proper trial yet.

What have you bought as a result of having seen it reviewed or mentioned in blogs/vlogs? What have been your successes and disappointments from those purchases? Is there anything you would recommend that I should try?


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14 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 12: An Item You’ve Bought Because of Blogs/Vlogs

  1. This is about the third time I’ve seen Apocalips on these posts today. Definitely one for blogger hype!

    I was wary about the RT brushes for the exact same reason. I didn’t touch them for the longest time, and now I want them all. It can’t have worked against her too much, but I’d say we’re not the only ones!

    • I’m a brush fiend and the RT brushes have become my ‘go to’ brushes for a lot of stuff even over my BCC and Sigma brushes. I love them! I really think they deserve the hype but I remain skeptical about the Apocalips. I’m hoping its just that I haven’t been patient enough so far!

      • I don’t think it is! I didn’t like them at all. At best they could be classified as ‘sort of grand’ for me, but more realistically, they’re just not that good. After a couple of uses, mine found its was to the back of a drawer and hasn’t been seen since!

      • I hated the applicator so that was a big issue for me. I just don’t see them as a product for on the go which is what I wanted them to be!

  2. Glamour & Go says:

    Oooooh I totally forgot about Real Techniques brushes – like you I would never have known about them if it wasn’t for the blogosphere! I also included Rimmel Apolalips on my list, although I personally don’t like them – but to each their own!

    Can’t say thanks enough – I feel like #JuneBBC has injected a new lease of life into my blog! XXX

  3. Glamour & Go says:

    I find it very 50/50 with the Rimmel Apocalips – some ladies love them!

    So I just discovered you can set up a group on Bloglovin (whether the group is public or not I don’t know?), so I have set up a #JuneBBC group. Now I don’t have to go to each individual website any more. Its a handy option, I am following most of the blogs taking part already so I just click on a little button called ‘Change Group’ in the ‘Manage blogs you follow’ section and move them to the #JuneBBC group. It would be great if the group was public so everyone could access it and catch up in one easy place – do you know anything about Bloglovin’s groups? I have a feeling their unique to each profile. 😦

  4. Sharon says:

    Haha I’m another one who bought the Apocalips and the RT brushes purely because of blogs! I have to say I do love the brushes (all except the stippling one which I didn’t get on with) but I’m a bit love/hate with the Apocalips – I’ll use them, but I don’t know what in the name of god was going through my head when I bought FOUR..

  5. Steff says:

    I think everybody and their mothers bought into the Apocolips hype (myself included!) I really liked them, I find them great for nights out as the colour is so pigmented and it leaves a lovely stain on my lips when it fades 🙂 x

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