#JuneBBC Day 10: Favourite nail polish

nail varnish essence opi ELF rainbow connection movin' on 69

I am a sucker for nail varnish and as a result have *way* too much of it! To top it off I now also have a CND Shellac kit so I tend not to use my nail varnish much anymore. Even so, when it came to this topic, certain polishes immediately came to mind.

Essence multi-dimension XXXL shine nail polish in #69 Movin’ On is a perfect neutral colour for me to wear to work. I love this on it’s own but also love it with a glitter over it for a bit of extra ‘bling’ come the weekend. It’s pictured above (on the left) on its own and with one coat of Rainbow Connection over it.

OPI Rainbow Connection from the Muppets Collection is probably my favourite glitter polish from my collection. I love it over neutral colours and find that it is easy to spread. Each of the nails above shows just one coat and may give you an idea of how unpredictable it can be in relation to how much glitter it disperses onto the nail.

E.L.F nail varnish in brown is one that I got free about 3 years ago with a purchase of minimum order. It’s a cheap polish (£2.50) but I like the colour. I particularly like the contrast of the very neutral colour and the chaos of the glitter (different sizes and different colour particles).

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend in the sun!


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7 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 10: Favourite nail polish

  1. Sharon says:

    I love that Essence colour, it’s an awful pity they discontinued that XXXL range because it was brilliant. Haven’t worn a glitter like Rainbow Connection in so long! I would have no clue how to pick a favourite, it literally depends on the time of day you ask! x

  2. I love Rainbow Connection, definitely my favorite from the muppet collection purely for that crazy glitter. I like the brown, it looks so deep and pretty:)

    • I love the brown – was looking for one that shade for ages. I think the Rainbow Connection looks particularly good with it because the brown picks up the orange and pink glitter…

  3. Roslyn says:

    What a clever idea to put the Rainbow Connection over brown. It looks really effective!

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