#JuneBBC Day 9: Most recent beauty buy

Since I did my spending ban in February I have been much more reserved in my spending. Last weekend I was shopping with my sister and I went to Lush to stock up on some staples. I ended up picking up H’Suan Wen Hua (post here) and a Love Lettuce fresh face mask.

Lush Love Lettuce face mask

This is a fabulous mask and perfect for night time as it is lavender scented. The ground almond and almond shell in it give it the perfect consistency for exfoliation without rubbing your skin raw. It says that it is for oily skin but I’ve enjoyed using this on my dry skin and have found that it is nice and calming on my sensitive areas. 

Following my hospital appointment a few days before that I also went shopping in Cara Pharmacy in Cavan. I purchased two W7 lip glosses, an eyeshadow palette and 2 Dainty Doll mascara/eyeliner duos. 

W7 naked palette lip glosses Dainty Doll mascara eyeliner

I haven’t used the W7 Naked palette much yet but I am impressed with the swatches so far and am looking forward to testing out the longevity of it. I am really impressed with the W7 Super Pout lip glosses and have really enjoyed wearing them. They last for 3-4 hours wear including drinking and generally putting them through their paces. They seem to really condition my lips which I am loving. The pigmentation is just perfect for daytime wear but they would also be lovely over a lipliner to make them more striking for a nighttime look. I can’t find my receipt but from memory these items came to less than €7.50 for the three of them. If I find the receipt I will update with exact prices. 

The Dainty Doll mascara/eyeliner duos go on my list of disappointing products. These were only €2 each but even at that they were a waste of money! The liners are way too runny and lack pigmentation. The mascaras are just about okay. They seem to be very dry in the tube so I don’t think they’d last long to be honest and they won’t be a product I will be reaching for. 

So those are my latest purchases. I’ve been really restrained lately as I am trying to use products up and not just buy things ‘for the sake of the blog’. What are your recent purchases? Has anyone else been really disappointed by Dainty Doll products or am I just really unfortunate? I’d love to hear your views! 


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6 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 9: Most recent beauty buy

  1. Sharon says:

    I love Cara in Cavan! Every time I go to Dealz I always nip down to Cara for a look. I’ve never tried any Dainty Doll stuff but I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for a while that if the range was that good, it wouldn’t be so heavily reduced everywhere. I like W7 nail polish & mascara, haven’t tried their lip stuff yet x

    • I parked beside Dealz by accident – that’s how I found it! Dainty Doll lipsticks are good if you see them but so far I don’t rate any of the other products I’ve tried.

  2. The face mask sounds great and relaxing, I always love lavender. I would love to get to cara pharmacy sometime, sounds great with all the bargains!! Would love to see the W7 palette:)

    • When I get to use it a bit more I’ll do a review or if you remind me I’ll bring it the next time we meet.

      Lush face masks are great and they’ll advise you instore on which one suits you too which is great!

  3. I have a few of the dainty doll blushers and lipsticks and I have to say I love them! Fantastic quality and so reasonable!

    • I love the lipsticks and haven’t tried the blushers yet but I’ve had bad luck with the other products. I can’t help but wonder if that is why they are so cheap to be honest!

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