#JuneBBC Day 7: Favourite lip product

I’ve spoken about some of my favourite lip products in the past: Sleek Pout Paints, Emotional Brilliance from Lush, Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color as well as giving overviews of my entire collection and the products I use for red lips.

Some of my favourite products however are my New CID Cosmetics lipsticks, and in particular the colour Damson.

New CID Damson Scarlet

The bullet shown is Damson but as it came up very red looking in the photo I have swatched it next to Scarlet so that you can see the difference.


This is a gorgeous lipstick. It has good lasting power and I find the colour is one that suits me really well – almost a my lips but better! The consistency is good and the product isn’t drying on my lips. I originally got Damson in a beauty box but I have since bought other New CID Cosmetics lipsticks at beauty trade shows. Unfortunately I don’t know where else they can be purchased!

Of course I am also a sucker for a bit of a gimmick so on top of these being great products there are two additional attractions. One, is a mirror on the side of the packaging as you can see in the picture above. This is so handy for when you need to reapply. The second ‘gimmick’ is definitely more… Gimmicky! 😀

New CID Cosmetics lipstick light up


As you can see the packaging has two small lights that can be used to apply the lipstick in the dark if needed. I have occasionally used this but to be honest it’s probably been used more for finding things that have been dropped in the cinema/pub etc. I do think it is a really good gimmick though and it has definitely been a conversation starter on a number of occasions.

What is your favourite lip product? What do you think of the unique selling points that New CID have come up with for this product?


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