100th Post!!

When I went to get organised for my #JuneBBC day 7 post I happened to glance at how many posts I had published so far and saw that I was on 99! Oh my God! I honestly don’t know how that happened but obviously it’s due to #BEDM and #JuneBBC cos I was plodding along at a very slow pace before that. Anyway, post #100…

I wish I had been organised and had something profound to say but I really don’t! Mainly I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you who takes time to read what I write, and an extra special thanks to those who comment, follow the blog or interact on social media with me. You make the blogging experience so amazing! I love that flutter of excitement I get every time I get a notification that someone has followed the blog or left a comment and every time I check my stats and see that they have increased – even if only by one person! That’s because even one person taking time out of their day to read something I wrote means so much to me as I know we are all busy these days!


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8 Responses to 100th Post!!

  1. Yay congrats! You’ve been putting in such great work, and thank you again for setting up JuneBBC and putting me on the right track! You’re a star ❤

  2. Yahey!!! Well done and keep up the great work xx

  3. Glamour & Go says:

    Well done missus! X

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