#JuneBBC Day 5: Favourite foundation

As I think I have mentioned in the past the foundation that I use is actually a blend of two foundations. I have a lot of redness in my cheeks and I have found that Estee Lauder’s Double Wear was great at covering this and lasting throughout any event. Unfortunately I found it a bit too matte so when I was experimenting one day I added some of my Arabesque Maximum Comfort Foundation to it and found it was the perfect combination.

Estee Lauder Doublewear Arabesque foundation

I wear shade Ecru in Double Wear and shade 65 in Arabesque. Both of these foundations are full coverage foundations but Double Wear is definitely the longer lasting of the two. Both containers are 30ml but DW comes in a glass bottle which has a much more luxurious feel to it than the plastic tube of the Arabesque. Estee Lauder is relatively widely available in pharmacies and in department stores such as Debenhams. There are 45 shades in the range so everyone should be able to find their perfect match! I have only ever seen Arabesque in the salon my mum uses and have been unable to find it anywhere else! I think both of these foundations were about the same price at €35.

An honourable mention also has to go to Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. This is a lighter version of DW and one that is ideal for a long lasting foundation where less coverage is needed. This is the one that I have recommended to most people and that I use in my MUA kit.

Estee Lauder Double Wear light foundation

There are only 6 shades in this range and I have to be honest that it baffles me that this can be a perfect match for people that wouldn’t look the same shade! I have tried this on friends, my mother, my sister and my cousin. Almost all of them are standard – non-porcelain – Irish skin shades and the majority of them were a perfect match for intensity 2.0. I have been colour matched for this shade and I am a 1.0 in it!

What foundation do you wear? Can you recommend a budget/high street/drug store foundation that might be suited for my skin? Really looking forward to seeing what all the other #JuneBBC participants use. I have a suspicion I could end up with quite a long wishlist by the end of June!

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6 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 5: Favourite foundation

  1. My wishlist has grown so much and we’re only now getting into the nitty gritty makeup stuff! I’ve always heard great things from this one and so many people I know use it. And I am a fan of long wear and matte skin… may have to get colour tested…. *wishlisted*

    • I know Debenhams are quite good for giving you a sample (if you ask) when you get colour tested so you can try applying it yourself at home before you splurge that amount of money. It’s worth doing!

  2. I know all about Estee Lauder products and I’ve been wearing double wear for a year now and I love it so much!! I have actually been mixing my Double Wear with Estee Lauder’s Idealist Illuminator. It give the most beautiful semi-dewy look and is still long lasting. The Idealist Illuminator is actually a treatment that helps uneven skin tone and dark spots but the “illuminator” in it looks beautiful with the Double Wear! You should be able to snag a sample from your nearest EL counter. The ratio of Idealist to DW that I normally use is 1:3.

    Anyway, I’m so glad I found your blog… I am going to follow! 🙂


  3. My skin is so dry I tend to stick to BB Creams but I do love Lancome’s foundations especially teint miracle and Illamasqua’s skin base is lovely too!

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