#JuneBBC Day 2: Favourite brush


#JuneBBC Day 2 – you wouldn’t think I’d be struggling since I came up with the list of topics but here I am! See, the problem is that I have already done a post on my favourite brush – the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

This is still my favourite brush so you can check that out here. I’ve actually got three of these brushes now so that I am never without it!

When I had to think about another brush to put as a favourite there were a few that came to mind. One of my favourite is the contour brush from Real Techniques. I love this brush for applying highlighter but when travelling I use it for bronzer, blusher and highlighter! This brush is also included in this post.

It’s quite a small brush so it’s very precise in it’s application. It is also very soft and very easy to wash – something that I do take into consideration. This brush is part of the core collection and unfortunately isn’t available on it’s own. The day it is I will probably have three of these too! 😉

A makeup tool that also came to mind is my Ruby & Millie folding brow and lash comb. I have this for years and lost it for a good while and couldn’t find a replacement. 😦 Luckily it’s back where it belongs now!

Ruby & Millie folding brown and lash comb

As you can see from the picture this tool is much loved as the writing it almost faded off! I’ll be honest and say that the spoolie end of this tool doesn’t get much love but the lash comb is amazing! This allows me to comb out any clumps in my lashes so that I can keep them separated and build them up. Unfortunately as far as I am aware this company is no more. 😦

Honourable mentions also need to go to my entire Real Techniques collection as I am really loving these brushes.

Real Techniques collection

I also wanted to give a mention to the ELF Angled Foundation brush.

ELF angled foundation brush

I don’t use this for foundation however as I now use stippling brushes for that. This brush is one that I use to apply face masks and it works wonders! There is very little waste and product is distributed evenly. This is a hint I picked up from YouTube videos and one I am very grateful for!

What brushes do you use most? I’d love to hear what brushes you recommend.


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7 Responses to #JuneBBC Day 2: Favourite brush

  1. That RT contour brush is also really, really good for concealer! I find it perfect for contouring and highlighting, but far too small for blusher. I also find the actual RT concealer brush far too small for concealer – it takes ages to do anything – so the contour one is kind of like using a smaller version of the buffing or expert face brushes, for concealing!

    • I have to say I don’t pass much heed on what the brushes are meant to be for… I just use them for what they suit best for me! 🙂 If you watch their videos on YouTube they don’t exactly stick to it themselves.

  2. I need that folding brow brush!

  3. I love the Real Techniques brushes I love the small stipple but have recently become addicted to the expert Face Brush, that’s def my favourite at the moment!

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