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#BEDM Day 25 (2): Music Love

I am getting this post up by the skin of my teeth but I *really* wanted to stick to the topic today! This is mainly because I wanted to let you all know that an up and coming Irish artist … Continue reading

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#BEDM day 25: GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Todays post is meant to be about music, but I got invited to a BBQ at short notice so that post isn’t quite ready to go up! Hopefully it’ll be up in the next few hours though. Luckily before I … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 24: Lipstick collection and storage

Todays topic is supposed to be “Whats in your fridge” but basically I really need to do grocery shopping so mine is looking rather bare. One thing that isn’t looking bare however is my lipstick storage area! I’m in the … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 23: Compliments (aka #ThinThursday)

Once again I am cheating – this is a #BEDM and #ThinThursday post combined. As you know if you follow the blog I had two family events at the weekend – there was one on each side of my family! … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 22: A letter to 13 year old me

Dear me, I’m writing to you from 2013 to share with you some wisdom. From what I remember of you you won’t listen and will do your own thing anyway but at least I’ll know I tried! 😛 Firstly, your … Continue reading

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#JuneBBC: What is it and how to get involved!

As those of you who follow my blog know I have been doing #BEDM for all of May (more details here). I’m very proud of myself that I haven’t missed a day so far. 🙂 I decided to do #BEDM … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 21: SoukSouk Beauty box – May 2013 – first impressions

Todays suggest #BEDM post is on my dream job but given that I have *just* received my very first SoukSouk box I am posting on that instead. I took photos as I opened it so you could all join me … Continue reading

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