Update: Blogger Meetup – June 1st 2013 – Dublin

As you would have seen in this post the lovely Katie Healy has organised a blogger meetup for June 1st in Dublin. Now that it is only a matter of hours to the event really there are some updates;

1.) Everyone is welcome to come along but as the event is proving so popular only the first 50 or so to have RSVP’d will be getting goody bags as Katie had not expected so many to come. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m more excited about seeing so many bloggers and getting to thank Katie in person than I could be about a goody bag so that’s just a little bonus!

2.) The meeting place is still Hard Rock Cafe, 12 Fleet Street, Temple Bar (link here) at 1pm on Saturday. Katie has organised that the ‘back bar’ is reserved for us so that’s where you need to ask for!

3.) Katie has organised that at 2pm we will head to/be in Jervis Shopping Centre for a makeup demonstration with the lovely girls in Inglot. This is optional but I’m sure will be very popular so if you cannot make it to Hard Rock for 1pm please bear in mind that between 2pm and approx 3pm most of us will not be there!! It might also be a good idea to bear in mind that we will presumably be walking to and from Jervis (just across the river) when making shoe choices!

4.) There will be a prize for best dressed on the day and lots of other treats!

Katie has put a lot of hard work into everything from name badges and venue to the treats she has in store and I’m sure it’ll be a great day! Thanks Katie!!

Who else is going? I am horrendously nervous at these things and *hate* pushing forward to introduce myself so please say hi if you see me hiding away! I’ll really appreciate it!




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6 Responses to Update: Blogger Meetup – June 1st 2013 – Dublin

  1. Dont be nervous, look out for me, ill be there bang on 1 🙂

  2. Ohh i’m so excited to see you again xxx So excited for this whole event and to meet everyone:D Katie is so good to organise it:) Eeek which shoes….

  3. Very excited, hope to see you there!

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