#BEDM Day 27: Secret Talent

I think one of the things people in my ‘real life’ are most surprised to learn about me is that I am a qualified MakeUp Artist. I don’t wear makeup daily so I think people presume that it’s something that I’m not skilled at. It’s amazing how surprised they can be when they see me with my face on! I’ve always loved makeup and about 2 years ago I went back and did a part time course and sat my ITEC exams. My day job lacks creativity so this was a way for me to do something different! I love doing makeup for people (especially for special events) and seeing them confident with the look I have created for them.

Of course the other ‘secret talent’ I have is this blog. In my ‘real life’ most people don’t know about my blog. It started out as something just for me to gush about my love of makeup and has slowly grown to something more. This month in particular has seen my stats grow and I’m really enjoying blogging daily. I’ve considered telling more people about my blog but am waiting for the right time. For all my blogging friends, are you secret bloggers? How did you introduce the fact that you blog to your friends and family? What was their reaction?


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4 Responses to #BEDM Day 27: Secret Talent

  1. Louise says:

    We seem to be kindred spirits. I was blogging for about a year on another site before I shared on Facebook. I like being anonymous for some posts but when I love a product I’m Their biggest advocate! Great post! X

  2. I changed my job on FB to Freelance Writer at Hold This Wear That everyone was like ooh whats all this about? I then invited them to like my page and I am now… um well now they know 😉

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