#BEDM Day 26: Fantasy Dinner Party

I hadn’t planned to stick to this one but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to. I have chosen five blogging/vlogging people to come to my party and have stuck to people that I haven’t met and am unlikely to meet as that was easier…

1. Wayne Goss – Vlogger and makeup artist

Fantasy dinner party Wayne Goss gossmakeupartist

I love this mans videos and his quirky sense of humour. I bet he would be brilliant craic at any dinner party – but I might tell him he doesn’t need to wear makeup if the look in the bottom picture is anything to go by! 😉 You can find him on YouTube.

2. Nic Haste (Chapman) – vlogger and makeup artist. One half of Pixiwoo.

fantasy dinner party Nic Haste Nic Chapman Pixiwoo

I love both Sam and Nic but if I had to choose between them I would invite Nic to my dinner party as I know she suffers with some of the same skin issues that I do (hello redness!) so I would love to pick her brain about hints and tips and products to deal with it.  You can find Nic at Pixiwoo.com or on Youtube on the Pixiwoo channel or Body Talk.

3. Caroline Hirons – skincare guru extraordinaire!

Caroline Hirons fantasy dinner party

Caroline is a skincare expert and you can find *so* much information on her blog that it will blow you away! Caroline is an advocate of the flannel and very anti-facewipes as she knows the damage that they can do to your skin between ineffective cleansing and the ingredients used in them. Caroline recently did a video with Pixiwoo (here) where she imparted the advice that facewipes are only to be used for “fannies, festivals and flights” and that will stick with me! Caroline is also involved with Give and Makeup which is a very worthy cause! I haven’t found anything similar in Ireland. I would be very selfishly inviting Caroline to my dinner party as I would give my right arm to have a consultation with this woman!!

The last two guests I would invite are Louise from SprinkleofGlitter and Marie from BitsandClips.

Louise SprinkleofGlitter fantasy dinner party

Louise is probably one of the first beauty vloggers I ever followed. When I started watching her she was planning her wedding. She has since had a baby and we get insights into her parenting and personal world as well as beauty and vlogging world. She can be found on YouTube and her blog. Louise is a bit mad in the nicest possible sense! She does makeup tutorials and reviews, hauls and all sorts of crazy tag videos – some of which she has made up herself. Through watching Louise’s channel I was introduced to Marie at BitsandClips.

Marie BitsandClips Ryan fantasy dinner party

Marie is a mummy vlogger and blogger. She is such a beautiful soul and her videos make me realise how lucky I am. Despite having some absolute crap thrown at her she always manages to find the best in the situation. She is married to Ryan and they have a beautiful daughter Scarlet (aka Beeble). Baby No.2 is on the way and Marie is having a very tough pregnancy so probably wouldn’t be able for a dinner party right now but… Herself and Louise have become bestest friends despite never having met and I would love to be able to bring them together.

So that’s who I would invite to the dinner party… I have no idea what I would serve but the company would be good so hopefully everything else would fall into place!

Who would you bring – and why?


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3 Responses to #BEDM Day 26: Fantasy Dinner Party

  1. Lisa-Marie says:

    I love Sprinkles of Glitter – her tips and chat are very much for real life! I’ll check out the others too.

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