#BEDM Day 25 (2): Music Love

I am getting this post up by the skin of my teeth but I *really* wanted to stick to the topic today! This is mainly because I wanted to let you all know that an up and coming Irish artist launched her debut single on Friday!

Ms Hazel launched her first single: ‘You Cannot Break My Heart‘ on Friday and since I downloaded it I have to have played it about 40 times despite the fact that I would not have considered myself an electro-pop fan! It’s only 99cent on iTunes and well worth it. It’s making me want to go dance – very appropriate for a Saturday night! ūüôā¬†

Ms Hazel

Hazel was interviewed on Spin 103.8 on Friday and if you want to hear more about her and about the song you can find the interview here. There was a good bit of chat about the video for the song and I can understand why. 

Ms Hazel video You Cannot break my heart

As you can see the imagery in the video is amazing and very gripping. I’m mesmerized every time I watch it!¬†You can see the video on YouTube¬†here.

Ms Hazel You Cannot Break my Heart

You can find the song on Amazon here and on iTunes here. 

 Best of Luck to Ms Hazel! I know this talented girl will go far!


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  1. Ah lovely post hope it does well!

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