#BEDM Day 24: Lipstick collection and storage

Todays topic is supposed to be “Whats in your fridge” but basically I really need to do grocery shopping so mine is looking rather bare. One thing that isn’t looking bare however is my lipstick storage area!

I’m in the process of doing up my vanity area and sorting everything out. One of the things that I was never happy with my storage for was my lipstick collection. In fact, it was so bad that I thought I had barely any lipsticks because I could never find one when I wanted it! Someone on twitter posted at one stage about the great eBay bargain they had found for lipstick storage and I just had to have it!

lipstick storage

Unfortunately the seller doesn’t currently have any for sale but initially they were about €3.50 each. In my innocence I ordered two thinking that they would easily hold all of my lipsticks and lipglosses. They didn’t, and I ended up ordering three more. This time they were about €6.50 each so I was raging I hadn’t ordered enough the first time around. I’ve only used four of them so far and I have organised them by shades essentially.

lipstick storage pinks reds
lipsticks nudes neutrals

The way they are organised makes it really easy to see exactly what I have. Almost too easy when I realised that I have 64 lipsticks! SIXTY FOUR! And a significant number of those are various shades of red! 😛

To complete the storage area I have also added a simple pen holder from IKEA to hold my lipliners, lipcote and dispoables; a smaller acrylic lipstick holder for my Lush lipsticks and Sleek Pout Paints, and an acrylic ‘glass’ to hold my lip balms.

lipstick storage

All of these are organised on a small bookshelf that I have sitting on a Helmer unit as part of my vanity setup and are easily accessible.

How have you organised your makeup? Do you use eBay for bargains? If there are any products pictured that you would like more information on (reviews, swatches etc) please let me know!


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3 Responses to #BEDM Day 24: Lipstick collection and storage

  1. Wow, you have a looooot of lipsticks, great job! I have one lipstick holder, it’s something similar to these. Nice collection!

    • I keep rationalising that other people buy loads of clothes or have expensive habits/hobbies – I have makeup! Think I have all the bases covered when it comes to lip products though. 😉

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