#BEDM Day 23: Compliments (aka #ThinThursday)

Once again I am cheating – this is a #BEDM and #ThinThursday post combined. As you know if you follow the blog I had two family events at the weekend – there was one on each side of my family! Busy, busy! It meant that I saw a good few people that I hadn’t seen in a while and I was genuinely overwhelmed at the amount of compliments that I got about how well I was looking. I don’t wear makeup daily so the fact that I was done up both days probably helped but a number of people did comment on the amount of weight I have lost. I’m not sure how much I have actually lost at this stage but the compliments were so lovely and heartfelt that it was an amazing boost.

When I got to the stage of having 27lb lost I hit a mental block. I just couldn’t seem to stick to my diet as well as I had been and found myself craving things I shouldn’t have more and more. I had to take a step back and look at my behaviour. I have been on so many diets where I get to a loss 1-2lb off a milestone and things have halted for various reasons. I know that this time I started to panic that it was going to happen again – and by doing so I was causing myself to regress. I made the decision to step away from the scales and it was the best decision I have made. I am now back on track, feeling positive and finding it much easier to stick to my plan. As a bonus now that my self-esteem and energy have picked up I am more active with less effort. I’m no longer avoiding going out as much which means I am not sitting around the house bored and I find myself easily running up and down the stairs throughout the evening where before anything that needed to go up was left on the stairs until bedtime!

Basically without too much extra effort I appear to have lost more weight. Despite people saying they could see this in me I only recently realised it when I was shopping with a friend (Kat – check her blog here) and wasn’t in the mood for trying on clothes so just picked up my normal size… I had to return it cos it looked ridiculous and ended up buying the same top but TWO sizes smaller. This was a major achievement given my ‘normal’ size had been fairly snug on me when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I thought it was just a coincidence until the same happened with another item of clothing a week later… Then I was tidying out some older clothes and decided to see how far I had to go before an old favourite pair of jeans would fit me again – they fitted immediately! It has been such a boost to get back into previously loved clothes and the girls in work have even commented on my entire new wardrobe! Honestly folks, it’s like shopping but better! The added bonus being that it’s a lot easier on my wallet! 😉

So overall things are good. I’m feeling fitter and healthier. I have loads of clothes to fit back into and life is good. I’m also really looking forward to the Blogger meetup in Dublin on June 1st. I know I will be horrendously nervous on the day but I am looking forward to seeing some of the Blogging Beauties that I have met at other events again and meeting some more of the bloggers I read and chat to on Twitter.

In addition to that (and getting back to the #BEDM topic) I have gotten loads of lovely compliments and feedback about the impending #JuneBBC. If anyone wants to join in please feel free to – the more the merrier! Just use the hashtag on twitter to find information and other participants and please, please, please say hi!


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3 Responses to #BEDM Day 23: Compliments (aka #ThinThursday)

  1. Glitter Mama says:

    So proud of you and I hope you are too!! Keep it up, you must feel amazing! xx

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