#BEDM Day 22: A letter to 13 year old me

Dear me,

I’m writing to you from 2013 to share with you some wisdom. From what I remember of you you won’t listen and will do your own thing anyway but at least I’ll know I tried! 😛

Firstly, your parents have finally gotten the Internet. I know you are limited to 15 minutes at a time but in future you’ll be connected pretty much 24/7 so you don’t need to read it all now! You won’t be able to comprehend this now but the internet will be so important in your life. You will even gain a whole new identity from it – Girl Friday! You’ll also gain lots of new friends who will be really important to you. Oh, and some ex-boyfriends – but we’ll discuss that in a minute.

Right now you are in secondary school and life is good. Enjoy this time! You will look back on it and realise that it was a time that you were truly confident and happy! There is some pretty crappy stuff coming up. You’ll discover strength you never knew you had. Try focus on that as a positive and not let the bad stuff drag you down.

Health: This is going to be an issue. Learn to listen to your body. Watch your weight, and when you are worried about things make the doctors listen. Go to a new doctors if you have to. It will pay off in the end. Don’t be me! Diabetes is not just something your mother will warn you about – it will happen to you if you don’t take my advice!

Boys: Right now your plan is not to date until you are finished college. Shortly you will decide that it’s a stupid plan. It’s not! Waiting til you are 23 is probably a little unrealisitic but a long term relationship beginning at 16 isn’t going to work. Don’t settle and if something doesn’t feel right, even if you can’t explain it to others, it’s okay to walk away. Do not stay with any man who belittles you. You are beautiful, kind and caring. Don’t let that be used against you. Internet dating is possibly not for you. Just be careful with your heart. It will get broken and there will be times you fear you will never love again. I wish I could tell you it’ll all be okay but I haven’t quite figured it out yet myself!

Travel: Australia seems like a dream at this point. You get there as soon as you can and it is amazing! In fact, it’s so good it becomes almost a second home. Travel as much as you can. Get into the habit of travelling alone. You will love it. 🙂

I could go on forever but I know there’s no point. You’re busy and what I am saying makes no sense to you. Just know this: the people that surround you now will soon be gone but new people will take their place. Family will be the one constant so cherish them. Life will throw stuff at you, but you can handle it. It will make you the person that I am now, and the feedback on the current model is pretty good! 😉 Don’t be afraid to do things wholeheartedly. Don’t feel you have to follow the crowd. Trust your instincts. Enjoy life. Be happy. 🙂



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5 Responses to #BEDM Day 22: A letter to 13 year old me

  1. This is so sweet I got a little teary x

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