#BEDM Day 21: SoukSouk Beauty box – May 2013 – first impressions

Todays suggest #BEDM post is on my dream job but given that I have *just* received my very first SoukSouk box I am posting on that instead. I took photos as I opened it so you could all join me in seeing it for the very first time!

SoukSouk is one of the newest beauty subscription boxes on the market. It’s (somewhat) unique selling point is that the focus is on natural, organic and environmentally friendly products. It comes with 5 products and a beauty magazine.

SoukSouk packaging

As you can see with the focus being on protecting the environment packaging is kept to a minimum!

SoukSouk May 2013 products

The scroll that you see in the bottom picture is the list of all the products contained in the box. It doesn’t give the RRP of the items which would have been helpful but it does let you know if they are cruelty free etc. The items I received in my box this month are:

  • Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Rose (59ml)
  • Green People Moisturising Shower Gel (30ml)
  • Green People Nurture Body Lotion (30ml)
  • BalmBalm Lip Balm (full sized 7ml version)
  • Inika Eyebrow Pencil Brunette (full sized)

SoukSouk magazine May 2013

Another thing that is slightly different about SoukSouk is as I have mentioned it comes with it’s own magazine. I’ve only had a chance to flick through it quickly but I am really impressed. I see recipes, beauty and a focus on new products so there seems to be something for everyone in it. I’m looking forward to getting home from work and reading it properly!

This is my fourth beauty box to try as I have previously subscribed to Glossybox and the now defunct Carmine and She Said Beauty boxes. I like the fact that SoukSouk are taking a slightly different slant on things although they are not the only box to do so currently as far as I am aware. I am a little disappointed that yet again the Irish boxes are being received almost a week after the UK boxes are delivered and I would love if all beauty box companies could take this into consideration and find a way around it! Often the products are widely announced on social media by the time Irish subscribers get their boxes which does take the excitement out of it somewhat!

I have taken out a three month subscription to SoukSouk which is costing £30 + P&P. You can find all the frequently asked questions about SoukSouk here.


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5 Responses to #BEDM Day 21: SoukSouk Beauty box – May 2013 – first impressions

  1. Ah agree they should all arrive at the same time so everyone has the same surprise! Believe it or not I haven’t subscribed to any beauty boxes yet, always considering it!

    • I loved Carmine. Brilliant customer engagement, amazing service! Then Glossybox bought it out 😦 Wanted to try this one for 3 months to try some brands I wouldn’t normally have access to.

  2. Glitter Mama says:

    Oh brilliant, didn’t know about this new beauty box, I will be trying this when I get a few bob 😀 x

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