#BEDM Day 18: Best friends

This post is going up a little late as I have been at a family Gathering event. The topic today is best friends. I am lucky enough to have a great circle of friends but if I had to identify two best friends they would be my best friend Andrea and my sister Emma.

Andrea. What can I say about this girl. When we met we were in college together studying the same thing, we were both in long term relationships and our lives were headed in the same direction. We were really two peas in a pod. She is now married (to another of my best friends!) and has a beautiful baby boy that I count as my nephew. Our lives could not be more different. Really, now we are more peas and carrots! Yet, there is no one else that I can phone with no notice and pick up where we left off. There is no one else that would leave me random voice messages of my favourite songs playing. I love this girl so much that I cannot express it. I am always included as part of her life and she really is my ‘sister by another mister’.

Emma, my biological sister. Genetics are a funny thing. You’d think coming from the same gene pool you’d have some similarities to each other. Not always the case! My sister is a genius, a total brainbox. We couldn’t be more different. 😛 She loves science and I am a people person. I would do anything for this girl. She is the only member of my family who knows about my blog and she is *so* supportive. She reads every single post (hey Emma!) and is so encouraging of every milestone I reach.

Friends are rare – especially when it comes to *real* friends. I count myself lucky to have Andrea and Emma in my life and love them more than I can say!


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