#BEDM Day 17: Earring storage

Todays suggested post for #BEDM is about my walk to work. I don’t walk, I drive as I frequently need my car for work and also it’s about 20km away from where I live. On top of that, I drive on the motorway so there really isn’t anything interesting about it. Hence, I have substituted the top and instead am going to talk about some storage I recently purchased for my earrings!

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was about 12 years of age. I don’t own any expensive earrings but in my recent tidy I was astounded at how many pairs of earrings I actually own and needed a way to store them. I’ve become addicted to eBay for everything from jewellery to dog beds so it was only a matter of time before I checked there for some form of storage. I shortly found what I consider to be an unusual, decorative but very practical option (here). Including postage it set me back a mere €13.60 which I was really impressed with.

earring storage

This jewellery holder arrived fully assembled and has 192 holes in it. The description says that it will hold 96 pairs of earrings but I have put pairs of earrings into the one hole to keep them together unless they are studs. They fit fine this way and it means I can fit a lot more in!

earring storage

How the earrings hang

I am really loving this earring storage. I think it looks really impressive and it makes finding the perfect pair of earrings in a hurry no problem! I have it about 2/3 full so far and I’m not in a rush to put too much more on just yet as I am busy rediscovering things I thought I had lost or forgotten I ever had!

I’d love if I could find something matching for necklaces and so on but I may have another solution for them shortly! 😉

How do you store your jewellery? Do you find if you can’t see something it gets less use?

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5 Responses to #BEDM Day 17: Earring storage

  1. Lucy says:

    I like this! I don’t have pierced ears but if I did I would so need this! I am frantically trying to think of things I could use it for lol. With the earrings on it I think it looks a bit like a bird cage, u could put a brightly coloured pretty fake bird inside it to make it even more decorative or butterflies!! Oh how I love butterflies!! Lucy

  2. Scarie says:

    This is gorgeous! I’ve no room for one but I want it!!

  3. It looks fab! I’ve a little black stand that I got on eBay ages ago but I keep forgetting to put earrings back on it after I wear them, so they’re still all over the place!

    • I can be a bit like that so I always have to check handbags, kitchen table, bedside locker etc for jewellery when doing a tidy up! I figure this way they have a base for at least some of the time.

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