#BEDM Day 15: Hints & Tips

Here are some random hints and tips for you all – both skincare and makeup! Let me know if you have any others to add! 🙂

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Drink water! I try to drink 2 litres a day.

Spray perfume in front of you and walk through it so that it is evenly distributed over your body.

After applying nail varnish rinse in cold water to harden and dry the nail varnish.

If you run out of shaving cream, you can also use conditioner to do the job.

Freeze eyeliner or lipstick pencils before sharpening them, this reduces the waste.

To seal eyeliner in place, trace over the line with a powder shadow in a matching shade. Another good tip is to use a fine brush, dip in water then your powdered shadow and then trace over your liner.

If your eyes look really Sleepy Try applying a white Eye Liner on your Water line and if this looks too harsh apply a lighter Skin Color tone.

Once a week give those cuticles some attention by massaging in a small amount of cuticle cream and gently pushing the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher.

It is difficult to squeeze the last bits out of tubes of products. When you cannot get any more out cut
the tube in half. There is usually quite a bit left. Cover with a double layer of cling film in order to
keep the contents fresh.

Keep a bottle of hand lotion by the sink and use it after you wash your hands. Apply it while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

Your foundation should match your face and neck, so don’t try it on your hand or arm for color a match.

If your powder blush or eye shadow breaks up in the compact, use alcohol to press it back together. You can use any high percentage alcohol and pour it into the pan and compress the powder. When the alcohol evaporates off your powder will be as good as new!

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