#BEDM Day 13: Go Green – Lush


Lush products are a staple for me. Almost all of my bath, shower and hair products are from Lush. I love the products and an added bonus is that the company have quite a good ethos when it comes to the environment. They sell a lot of their products ‘naked’ – with no packaging.

An order received from Lush Mail Order

They champion the bath ballistics, bubble bars, shampoo bars and massage bars as naked products. They also have ‘naked’ solid conditioner and their henna hair dye. In addition to selling a lot of products without packaging they use primarily natural and/or ingredients that are ethically sourced. I like the idea that what I am putting on my skin is not full of chemicals and if I am honest my skin and hair seem to like it too. 🙂

Lush have three stores in the Republic of Ireland (Dublin – Henry Street and Grafton Street, and Cork). They also have stores in Newry and Belfast. Since I am no longer living in Dublin the stores are not as accessible as they were in the past so I will often avail of the online/mail order option (see here for details of P&P costs) for getting my beloved products. There are always a few products for Mammy Friday thrown in as well if the budget allows as she has become a massive fan of their bath products! The environmentally friendly ethos is carried over even into the packaging as the packing peanuts are biodegradable and can be thrown on your compost heap or flushed down the toilet in order to avoid unnecessary waste!

Are you a fan of Lush? Do you ever consider the environmental impact of the products you purchase? What other ‘green’ brands would you recommend?


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6 Responses to #BEDM Day 13: Go Green – Lush

  1. chloekeeleypower says:

    I don’t think I ever really consider the ethos of the brand, but I do like Lush! Especially their face masks. Not so nice when you forget about one & it’s gone off though… 😦

  2. theoxfordowl says:

    I love Lush! I actually got into it before I ever knew about the green ethos of the company – now I know about it, I think it’s great, but I like that their products are good enough to hold their own even if you don’t focus on the green-side!

    • I’d be the same. It’s a nice bonus really! I love the idea of bringing back 5 black pots too and getting a reward for recycling. I just wish they offered more than the face masks!

      • theoxfordowl says:

        Ah, I’m a big fan of the face masks, so I really like that! It would be good if they offered bath bombs or something, too, though – they’d be a lovely little reward 🙂 I’ve nearly finished up my 5th pot, so I’m excited to try something new!

      • I like the face masks but as I live a considerable distance from a Lush Store I don’t like having them unrefrigerated for any length of time. I think the ideal for me would be if they could offer credit to the value of the mask to use off other products.

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