#BEDM Day 12: Collecting – Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palettes

As a beauty blogger my most extensive collection unsurprisingly is my makeup collection. Obviously it’s not possible to put it all in one post so I have chosen my Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palettes as I have quite a collection of those at this stage.

Inglot Freedom eyeshadow Palettes

Since my trip to Inglot during the week I now have 5 of the 10 pan palettes and 3 of the five pan palettes – a total of 65 shadows! I’ve moved the shadows around a bit so I’m happy with how they are at the moment… At least until I inevitably buy more!

I got my first 5 pan palette when I was training as a makeup artist. It was part of the kit we were provided with and consisted of only purple eyeshadows. I loved the texture of the shadows but found the colour range a little limiting. At the time I had often wandered in and out of the Liffey Valley store but found the range a little overwhelming and had never really understood how the process worked. Finally getting to try the products meant that I had the push I needed to go instore and talk to the staff. The result of an awesome product at a good price sold in stores with helpful staff is the extensive collection I have now of all sorts of Inglot products!

Inglot Palettes

L-R: Top: shine 26, shine 25, shine 10, 64, 63
Middle: matte 324, pearl 448, pearl 409, D.S. 498, 63 Bottom: shine 31, matte 363, shine 152, shine 153, shine 154

As you can see there is some repetition in that I have two of the matte black (#63). This is part of the problem with the fact that the shadows are numbered and not given names. I tend to have themes to my palettes so that if I want to bring them somewhere I have the essentials of what I need to complete a look. The 5 pan palettes retail for €36 each.

Inglot Freedom rainbow eyeshadow palettes

Top palette: l-r: (top) 121R, 122R, 123R, 124R, 125R (bottom) 126R, 127R, 128R, 129R, 130R
Bottom palette: l-r: (top) 101R, 106R, 111R, 113R, 116R (bottom) 104R, 115R, 117R, 112R, 120R

As you can see the rainbow palettes have three shades of the same colour in each pan (2.5g). These palettes are slightly more expensive than the palettes of the regular eyeshadows. A ten pan of the regular shadows is €68 but the ten pan of the rainbow shadows is €88. The top palette is a shimmer palette that was released at Christmas and the bottom palette is entirely matte.

Inglot freedom eyeshadow palettes

Top palette: l-r: (top) DS487, Pearl 440, 72, Matte 377, DS 482
(bottom) 48, 18, Pearl 414, Pearl 428, Matte 321
Bottom palette: l-r: (top) DS 493, Matte 322, Matte 333, Pearl 450, Matte 383
(bottom) Matte 323, Shine 33, DS 504, 50, Matte 368

Inglot freedom eyeshadow palette swatches

L-R: Top row – Shine 35, Matte 358, Matte 349, Matte 337, Matte 329
Bottom row – Pearl 393, Matte 352, Matte 356, Matte 319, Matte 376

This bottom palette is my favourite and the one that I tend to bring when I go anywhere. The mattes work well for everyday looks and the two highlighters are perfect to brighten up the inner tear duct or brow bone.

I have to say, Inglot shadows are amazing and now that I have used them they would be my first choice over any other brand. Considering I used to be a massive Urban Decay fan I feel this is high praise for Inglot. They are much more affordable and I love that you can customise the palette to whatever you want.

Do you have any Inglot eyeshadows? What is your favourite brand? If you would like to see a more indepth post on any of my palettes please let me know!


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9 Responses to #BEDM Day 12: Collecting – Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. Rach says:

    I’ve never really got into Inglot for some reason, but they have excellent products. I love your nude palette. I must pay them another visit!

    • I love their eyeshadows mainly but I have a lot of their other stuff too. All their Freedom palettes are great as you can customise them. I have lipsticks, powders and blushers as well as the eyeshadows – I really need to stop going in there! 😛

  2. Oh wow what a fab collection you have!

  3. I was just about to post about Inglot and i came across your blog! These look dreamy, so many. Can’t wait to try more from the brand!


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