#BEDM Day 11: Book love

I was brought up in a family of bookworms. My poor daddy is the only one who wouldn’t have read incessantly. My grandfather, mother, sister and I all went through books like there was no tomorrow. My mother tells the story that I was able to repeat stories and follow the words in the books at a young age purely through the repetition of my favourite stories and that both my sister and I were already able to read by the time we started school. Friday afternoons were always spent in the library choosing which books to read for the next week and in many cases which stories to re-read again and again. (My sister thought she owned their copy of the Hobbit she borrowed it so often!)

Secondary school reduced the amount of reading I did, and college practically eliminated it! 😦 I worked almost full time throughout college and any time that was available to me for reading was spent reading course related materials which kind of took the fun out of reading. I still love to read when I get into a book but I am very much out of the habit unfortunately! 😦 I have no less than three books that I have started (and plan to finish at some stage!) currently scattered around my house and car…

The books I reach for most frequently however are my beauty books.

Beaut.ie Style Me Vintage, Eye Candy

The Beaut.ie books by Aisling McDermott are great resources from an Irish point of view. I especially love ‘Gorgeous to Go’ when I am looking to try a new product or see what might suit a loved one for a gift. ‘Style Me Vintage’ and ‘Eye Candy’ are great books for when I want to play with my makeup and try something new but can’t think what. I find they are a good source for inspiration when I want to try out my least used skills and want to go outside my comfort zone.

Rae Morris Express Makeup Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Complete Beauty Wedding Makeover

The above books are some more of my collection. Again, these are mainly used for inspiration but they are also full of hints and tips that I find quite useful. I particularly love the Rae Morris and Bobbi Brown books as you really feel you are learning from the professionals and both books are easy to dip in and out of as needed!

Do you like to read? What is your favourite genre? Do you have any beauty books that you would recommend?


*All books were bought by myself or received as gifts from friends or family members who know I am beauty/makeup obsessed!

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3 Responses to #BEDM Day 11: Book love

  1. Nina says:

    oh my gosh you have robert jones :O his books are so on my wishlist 🙂 he is amazing

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