#BEDM Day 10 – Travel Dreams

Todays post is about travel dreams. When I dream about travel it is usually reminiscing about travel that I have done. I’ve been really lucky and have travelled quite a bit over the years. It started with a trip to Paris with the school and then I didn’t leave the country again til I was in college. I then went to Australia for 3 months and travelled for the entire time. I managed to fit in seeing Perth, Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide as well as a brief stop near Ayers Rock/Uluru. It was incredibly daunting to do on my own haven’t not really travelled before but it was also one of the best experiences of my life! I’ve also been lucky enough to be back in Australia twice since as I have family there. 



I love going new places and seeing all the differences and similarities. I love seeing local traditions and crafts, eating local foods, just enjoying the scenery – and most of all I love the change in pace when I go somewhere new!



South Australia is probably my favourite place I have visited. I think it’s most like Ireland in the pace of life but to be honest the cheap cost of wine given the presence of the Barossa doesn’t do it any harm! 😉

I’ve also been luck enough to travel in America: Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Boston. In fact I think I have been to Boston three times at this stage as again, I have family and friends there! I have even been lucky enough to get to spend Thanksgiving there with a friend in the past and briefly encountered the Black Friday madness! 

Thanksgiving Boston Cheers


I’ve also been to Edinburgh, Canturbury and Bournemouth in the UK and lucky enough to travel to Budapest, Madrid, Krakow, Cologne (twice) in Europe as well as one lone package holiday to Gran Canaria. 







Cologne in summer

Cologne in summer



Cologne December 2012





Krakow – Birkenau & Auschwitz

I’ve been lucky enough to see places that have had a significant role in history. I’ve had many wonderful coffees, hot chocolates, glasses of wine and cups of mulled wine (I go to a Christmas market each year!) in good company. I’ve experienced some of the best in people (two wallets returned to me intact!) when abroad and have had some really interesting chats with people (sometimes in spite of language barriers) that I would not have encountered in my regular life. I also have plenty of ‘you had to be there moments’ involving street performers and members of the general public in addition to my own travel companions just fooling around. I think anyone who has the ability and means to travel should do so as often as they can but unfortunately I am acutely aware that it isn’t always possible these days. 

Anyway, I am drifting off into memories now so I am going to sign off! Please let me know where you have travelled or would like to travel (for me I would love to go to India!). Do any of my photos bring back memories for you?


PS: Is now a good time to mention that I am *terrified* of flying? Any hints on dealing with that either?

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10 Responses to #BEDM Day 10 – Travel Dreams

  1. Yup, Australia, the open road! I miss it so much, even though it’s almost 7 years since i went 😦 Wish I could turn the clock back sometimes

  2. Nina says:

    awwww you are so so lucky to have got to travel to them places 🙂 I only ever got to go to England so far but there is time yet lol

  3. Aoife says:

    Ah Australia! I went when I was younger with my family and just fell in love with the place. Perth trumped Sydney though, despite what people have said to me.

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