#BEDM Day 9: Favourite Social Media Channel

Apologies for the late post but I have been feeling *really* unwell all evening. I just didn’t want to miss a day this early on. I’m very proud of myself for making every day so far! 🙂

I have a Facebook page (here) but to be honest I don’t find it all that great for interacting. It’s not helped by the fact that I tend to do most of my social media ‘stuff’ from my phone and the multiple changes to the Facebook format actually make me change it!

Twitter is where my heart really lies if I am being honest. I love how easy it is to interact with people. I love that it is a source of multiple new blogs for me to find. It’s so up to date with all the latest news. There is always someone there to answer any query you might have. On top of all that what I have found is that the blogging beauties I have managed to link with on there are an amazing source of support. There is so much negativity in the world and I know Twitter and social media channels can be a source of negativity for others but I count myself so blessed that it is a positive place for me!

Sorry for the short post but my bed is calling! Come chat on twitter if you want – you can find me at @girlfriday_bb


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2 Responses to #BEDM Day 9: Favourite Social Media Channel

  1. I heart Twitter so much, it has connected me with so many amazing people 😀

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