#BEDM Day 8: Inglot Event – Noble Collection

Todays suggested #BEDM post is about my first job. It’s not a particularly interesting story and I am very conscious that for the last week most of my posts haven’t been beauty related so as I attended an Inglot event for bloggers this evening I have decided to post about that instead! Tonight was the launch of the new Noble collection. It’s a fab collection of metallics but they are also quite light/neutral in their tone.

Inglot Noble Collection

There was a demo as part of the event but unfortunately I can’t seem to get those pics off my camera so far so above I have a collage of the full range. There are eyeshadows, liners, a dazzle dust, pigments and although I don’t think the lip creams are part of the range they do have a selection that match in very well! The liners are silver, pewter, gold and a bronze type shade.

Even before I went to the event I had decided that I would be buying some eyeshadows as there was a discount and there was one in particular that had caught my eye last time I was there. I am a bit obsessive about my Freedom palettes and can only buy when I am going to fill one so I had promised myself a treat as I’ve been working really hard this week on getting things off my ‘To Do’ list. I would have loved to buy all of the new eyeshadows but as I already had a silver and more than one gold I decided to just buy the middle three shadows.

Inglot Noble eyeshadows

The shadows are the usual high quality I expect from Inglot and I am really looking forward to using them. I am also very tempted by the liners as they can also be used as bases for eyeshadows so I may actually go back again before too long!

As you can probably tell I am a massive Inglot addict. As of now I have 55 of their shadows in the Freedom palettes and a large selection of their other products. Would you like to see a post on any of these products?


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8 Responses to #BEDM Day 8: Inglot Event – Noble Collection

  1. Thats quite a hefty Inglot collection you have missus, Raging I couldn’t make it last night.

  2. Everything looks beautiful!

  3. Glitter Mama says:

    Was raging I had to miss it last night. The new collection looks gorgeous. I love the palette you bought x

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