#BEDM Day 7: Pets

As I think I have mentioned on the blog in the past I have dogs – two to be exact. They are both Jack Russell terriers and I adore them. They cheer me up when I am down, give me cuddles when needed and are generally my two best little friends. I love coming home to them each evening and when I’m feeling a little unmotivated to be active they are the push I need to get me out the door!

I had never planned to get a dog, nevermind two! Both of my furbabies are adopted strays and were brought to me by circumstance rather than a plan. I really want to use this post to ask people to consider adopting an older dog rather than getting a pup off a breeder. There are so many dogs out there that need homes. Dogs are being abandoned and surrendered every day. People don’t have the time or the money, owning a dog wasn’t what they expected, life circumstances change – there are so many reasons. The end result is that there are hundreds of beautiful dogs that need homes and someone to love – and if you are looking for a dog, maybe that lucky person could be you!


One of my dogs wouldn’t be alive if I had not adopted her. I can say that with certainty as she had been knocked down and there was a possibility that she would need surgery costing hundreds of euro. The vets weren’t willing to treat her without a guarantee that someone would pay the bill and that she would have somewhere to go to from their surgery. It seems harsh but I can understand it. There was no point putting a dog through surgery if there was a possibility that she would end up in the pound where as a dog who was not healthy she would likely not be adopted and therefore be PTS. In the end when we got all the tests etc done she didn’t need the surgery – she just needed a loving home and some TLC to help her recover. She still has some disability but if you could see her you would just fall in love with her. She is so affectionate, makes me smile like no one or nothing else on this earth can and has so much personality. I can’t even do her any justice describing her. It would have been such a shame for that little life to be snuffed out.

My other dog is just as loved and just as wonderful. They both have beautiful personalities but are oh so different. One is calm and steady, the other is a bit of a worrier. One is so obedient and comes as soon as she is called, the other is a bold teenager who will acknowledge that she heard you – and then do what she was going to anyway 90% of the time. I love to see their little personalities and how they interact with each other. I just count myself so blessed to have them in my life, especially when they gaze up at me like I am their world!


So, I am asking you, if you are looking to get a new dog.. Or cat… Or horse… Or rabbit… Or whatever animal would fit in your family, please consider giving an animal that has found itself without a human a chance. You can find all sorts of animals through the ISPCA website, your vet may know of an animal looking to be rehomed and if it is a dog you are looking for Dogs Trust are also an option. You won’t regret it – I know I never will!


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3 Responses to #BEDM Day 7: Pets

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh they are too cute, so adorable 🙂

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