#BEDM Day 5: Fit & Healthy

I’m stealthily trying to type this while staying with a family member so apologies if it’s short! Yes, I am a secret blogger!

As any of you who follow my blog know through my #ThinThursday posts I was diagnosed with Diabetes last summer and that has put a massive focus on health, fitness and general wellbeing for me. I have struggled at times with the whole thing but those posts really illustrate for me the ups and downs since January.

I now have a new focus in my life. Food choices have to be carefully considered – not for a WeightWatchers weigh in but for how I am going to feel in the following minutes, hours and days. Things that I learnt during my *many* WeightWatchers enrollments have had to be unlearnt. Did you know that melon and fruit juices are pretty much a ‘no no’ for diabetics as the sugars are too quick to enter the bloodstream? If you are dying for chocolate WeightWatchers always advocated for the Crunchie – again the worst possible choice for a diabetic!

So, as you can see on top of trying to exercise more I am having to relearn all I thought I knew about nutrition. I am no expert but I am improving and all in all I am looking forward to being a much fitter, healthier and happier me!


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