Summer is here – #BEDM Day 2 & #ThinThursday

I know I am kind of cheating here – in a few ways! One – I am making this a BEDM post and a Thin Thursday post. Two – the actual BEDM suggested title is “Spring is here” but I have changed it to summer as that’s what it now is in Ireland. Anyway… enough of the pedantics! 😛

It is summer now and even the weather is co-operating so far, although I believe it’s going to rain tomorrow. One of the biggest things for me about this time of year is the massive stretch in the evenings. I love that pretty much no matter how late I am leaving work it is still in daylight. I am much more proactive these days and feel like I am much more together. What a difference natural daylight makes!

I’m still working away on my exercise and I am getting there slowly but surely. Dry weather means the dogs actually want to go out and with the exercise bike set up in the sitting room I have no excuses. I’ve made the decision to stay away from the scales. I was getting too caught up in the numbers and I lost the focus of what I was aiming for – a healthier, happier me. I’m doing okay on the food front (although I know I could be doing better) and my sugars are relatively stable which is good. I’m in great form and buzzing around the place so overall things have greatly improved!

The “summer side effect” combination of the productivity and the feeling more active has also had a happy result. I was recently tidying some old clothes that I hadn’t worn in ages as a result of either being fed up of them or them  no longer fitting as I had gained weight. I decided I would try on a pair of jeans that I knew had been WAY too tight for me as an incentive to see how much I had to lose before they would fit… But they already did! It has been the best feeling to wear them this week. Better than shopping for new clothes if I’m honest – especially since they fitted perfectly into my non-existent budget!

I am feeling super positive and much more in control of things. Here’s hoping it lasts! 😉

How are all of you? Is it sunny where you are? Do you find your mood changes with the seasons?

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6 Responses to Summer is here – #BEDM Day 2 & #ThinThursday

  1. Nina says:

    Oh my mood totally changes with the change of season…… Even waking up in the morning to see the sun shining lifts your mood….. well done you on fitting into your jeans its an amazing feeling isnt it to realise you achieving your goals and you are right stay away from the scales in fact put them in the attic because it can become an obsession and to be honest they are not always true to the number anyways 🙂 great post hunny

  2. Glitter Mama says:

    The bright weather makes a HUGE difference on my mood. Even my doctor prescribed me Vitiman D because she said us Irish don’t get enough sun at all. I actually want to go out for a walk in the bright evenings xx

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